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Get first insights & inspiration for your career in our livestream.

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With our online stream you get the opportunity to be inspired and discuss with numerous creative people from all over Central Europe.

These speakers are exactly those who work successfully in the industry every day and share their experience with you for free.


  • Lectures and workshops with our experts from the industry
  • Interactive question/answer session & exchange with creative people
  • Bachelor of Arts as your ticket to the international media industry

You choose your individual program from more a variety of workshops & panels on exciting topics from music, sound, marketing, management, voice, communication, design, fashion, makeup, games, film and photography!

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United POP - academy of music, media & the arts

  • Bachelor Courses in cooperation with the University of West London
  • More than 35 Diploma Courses corresponding to professions within the creative industries
  • Over 50 individual Single Courses which can be combined as well as additional qualifications

Start Your Career:

  • your entry point into the music and media sector
  • Professional expertise and trainers with practical experience
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • References and contacts due to project work
  • Direct practical experience in class
  • Flexible starting dates several times a year
  • Graduation with UNITED POP diploma and certificates
  • Bachelor Course in cooperation with the University of West London

SOUND: 5 tips for better productions with Dario Trapani

No matter on what DAW you’re working on, here you’ll learn the most saucy tricks to get from an average sounding song, to a super popping hit.During the workshop we will discuss the golden tips to quickly step your game up at: • EQing • Compression • Processing the bass and drums • Mixing vocals • Setting reverbs

  • Going from an average sounding song to a good mix
  • Learn control over sound
  • Learn tricks to give punch to your track

MANAGEMENT: Event management 101 with Ambra Elefante

Ever had the urge to organize your own event but no idea how to get started? Interested to know what it takes to make it as a successful events manager? Learn about the ins and out of this dynamic industry with insights from an experienced professional of this field.

  • Getting familiar with the event industry and all that it can offer
  • Exchanging your ideas in an interactive manner
  • Putting your thoughts on paper and laying the foundation for a stellar action plan

SOUND: Mixing Workshop with Idan Altman

Ever wondered how professional mixing engineers take out their bag of fairy dust and sprinkle it over a song, an EP or an album to make it sound polished and perfectly balanced? Here is your chance. Attend to get a glimpse on how to analyse your input material and find a good balance of single instruments as well as the whole song composition. Get an idea of how to use dynamic processing tools and equalizers differently then you might have used them before.

  • Know how to balance a multitrack recording
  • Understand how to use compression on the master bus
  • Know how to use different shapes of EQ depending on the task

FASHION: Fashion Workshop with Rghani

We would love to welcome you during our Fashion Designing workshop. During this creative and inspirational workshop we will put a special focus on how to design a collection, from setting the theme to the final line of garments. After getting insights how to professionally attack this process, we will guide you into developing a collection of your own.

  • Set the mood(moodboard,colourboard)
  • Identify your consumer
  • Identify the market
  • Developing a collection

Attandees will need a pencil and paper.

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