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The Sonic Lab - Free \Donation introduction workshop


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Introduction workshop to The Sonic Lab - FREE \ DONATE What You Want

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At Bethanien studio 142 Berlin, 20:00- 22:00 on the 26.10

Welcome to THE SONIC LAB !

This is an introduction evening for an on going group research each Monday, Sep-Nov, 20:00 - 22:00, In studio 142.


You are welcome to write a couple of words about your interest about the sonic lab, and your background.

In this evening i will introduce you to this Lab, and you will have a taste from the work.

About the Lab

This Research Lab is a safe container, that allow us to explore our bodies, discover our voices, and find a connection between them.

We will explore different Tools in the context of improvisation, instant composition and performance practices.

This physical practice is based on my personal ongoing research on the body as a moving sound system - the human voice in motion, I'm developing for the past few years now.

I developed tools to access the body in different levels of perceptions, to invite availability and flow, and to create out of the moment.

We will learn to use our voices through breath practice, Pre - language and language, creating poetry in motion.

We will create pieces out of the moment, in a group setting, watch, discuss, reflect and share, and develop the tools together.

This practice is my research project for the past few years, inspired from breath work, body scan, Qi Gong, singing practices, poetry, spoken word, and more.

Working many years as a dancer and performer, and as a musician, singer song writer, vocal performer and experimenting a lot, I find the link through verbal language, phrasing, breaking words down in to sounds, tracking and embodying and translating it to the physicality where the body becomes music, and poetry.

What will you learn ?

- Improvisation and real time composition.

- Breath work

- Voice work

- Working with language, sound textures and poetry

- Embodying musicality and sound

- Tracking sound

- Developing our listening

What is it good for ?

- It develops your creativity and improvisation skills.

- Learning to share your process with others.

- Learning to use your breath in a healthy and nourishing way.

- Learning to use your voice wile moving.

- Learning to work in different settings : Duo, Trio, and group settings.

- Learning to implement this tools as holistic approach to performance.

Who is it for ?

This Laboratory is for people and interdisciplinary artist: musicians, dancers, visual artists, who are interested in a REGULAR improvisation and performance practice, develop tools and deepen in a regular group, with or without a previous experience.

**After every Block we will make a final open showing of our process to an audience.

***Previous experiences of dance \ movement \ theater\ visual arts \ performance art \ improvisation or other are welcome but NOT A MUST.

***Please Register via: with the title Registration for Sonic Laboratory.

The group will open with a minimum of 8 participants and max 12.

BLOCK C November - December

(An extended block)

2.11, 9.11, 16.11, 7.12, 14.12, 21.12, 28.12

Payment: 112 EUR / 102 EUR - Early Birds till 19.10


Students Reviews

A review of one of the students who took part of the Block A:

Ayam’s work was an exciting experience that brought me elements and exercises for my own performance studies and practice as an arts teacher. Every meeting was introduced with some proposal, more or less structured around an idea, a metaphor, or a specific relation within our own bodies or with the spaces/objects/other bodies. This allowed me to persist (or quit) pathways of movements, trying to shape them, or define their origins, enlarging their meaning as they slowly gained more depth. We also explored translations between artistic languages as we moved our bodies and emited sounds, approaching the senses in unexpected, playful ways.

Ianni Luna

„Thank you for these amazing classes. I feel my body so much more conscious, I feel like I have so much more control over my body movements and even emotions, while dancing.

I‘m honored to be able to attend at your classes“

Ica caona

„Connect, disconnecting.. Ayam's classes gives me the freedom to give, share and take from each other beautiful moments using the body, senses and the voice. I surprise myself in every class and this free body gives me the control also about the space“

Maddi Fuente Ubani

„I watched the class video and I LOVED IT. will integrate that into my morning routine.

Your way of perception and combining different aspects,levels,dimensions really resonates. Also great verbalization of your practice and sensations,very relaxed, focused and synesthetic“

Kathryna Li de Leon

“Thank you for today’s session. By the end I felt really nurtured and excited to learn more of what my body and voice can create”

Jade willow

About Ayam

Ayam is a performance artists, musician, space holder and maker in the media of dance, voice & music and poetry in motion.

She is a singer songwriter, and a co - creator of the music project "TransForMusic" which is currently about to record their debute album "Come Back".

She holds space for sound journeys, and empowering voice circles, and gives dance and music workshops, concerts and performances in festivals and gathering around Germany and Europe.

As a choreographer and maker she created and presented pieces: :

Lost & found ( 2014 werkstatbuhne 003 - 2014), Chromatic Fieleds (2015 60 minutes performance series Mime Centrum), and directed the piece "How long is now" that was presented three times : "commonground" Tanzfabrik Berlin, "Soundance" Festival Dock11, and "Now festival" - 2017-2018), and "Be Coming Through" that was presented in "Commonground" Tanzfabrik Berlin.

AyamWhatAyam is a solo she created for AckerStadt Palst 2019.

She is working as a guest dancer/performer and singer in different productions, and collaborating with dancers, singers, musicians, visual artist, and performers from diverse backgrounds. working for choreographers in dance pieces, improvisation performances, concerts, and different productions around Germany and Europe.

In Berlin she worked and collaborated with\Under : Maya M. Carroll, Christin Bonansea Saulut, Yoriko Maeno, Julyen Hammilton, Sandra Man and Moriz Majce, Jadi Carboni, Alessio Travisanni(LTT Company), Jagna Anderson, WielandMoeller, Minagawa Takushi, Gábor Hartyáni, Eldar Baruch, Babek Bodien, and more.

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Mime Centrum


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