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TEDxHHL 2021 - The Butterfly Effect

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TEDxHHL 2021 presents THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. 10 speakers share their ideas from a scientific, economical and personal perspective.

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On May 7th, the sixth TEDxHHL conference will take place online, broadcasted live from the WERK2 in Leipzig. Ten inspiring speakers with diverse experiences and backgrounds will share their ideas with the audience. The talks will investigate this year’s theme ‘The Butterfly Effect’:

At TEDxHHL 2021 we want to highlight, and further celebrate the power of the small things, dedicating the entire event to The Butterfly Effect.

The Butterfly Effect is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system. The concept is imagined with a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a hurricane. The Butterfly Effect will be examined from the different persectives from this years speakers: the scientific perspective - the business persepective - the personal perspective

Even the greatest societal changes, businesses and personal success stories start with a single thought, a tiny word, a small step.

Get ready for enlightening, interesting and capitvating TED-talks from this year's speakers:

Rolf Schrömgens - Founder of Trivago

Prof. Lena Partzsch - Sustainable Governance Expert

Dr. Manfred Hückel - Former CMO of RedBull

Caterin Redondo - STEM Activist & Social Entrepreneur

Carl-Philip von Polheim - Founder of Mybacs

Dr. Christina West - Managing Director of the "Urban Office - Sustainable Urban Development" real-lab Heidelberg

Dr. Ingo Sauer - Economist

Gesa Lischka - Neuromarketing Expert

Mark Hofmann - Profiling Expert

one to be announced

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