Sub Bar Köln: Music for Subfrequencies

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Sub Bar Köln: Music for Subfrequencies

Sub_Bar is a music environment based on subfrequencies instead of sound, presenting works from deaf and hearing artists

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die kunstbar Chargesheimerplatz 1 50667 Köln Germany

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Sub_Bar returns to Koln for a 4 days event at the fabulous Kunstbar. After creating events in Berlin, Lisbon, Leipzig and Porto, we are back with our pioneering concept around subfrequencies and haptic art, a language that allows deaf, hearing impaired and hearing people to experience music in the same way, this time showcasing more and new works from artists such as Ümit Han (Traum Records), Alexander Tillegreen (Raster Media), Akka Miau (Female:Pressure), Alejandro Mosso (Sushitech), Julia Lema (ESA-Aix) and many more.

Ignored by compositional practices, our sense of "touch" is home to our most profound memories and most instinctive reactions, talking a language of pain and pleasure, traumas and comfort, summer and winter. What happens when we stimulate it with music? We invited hearing, hearing impaired, and deaf artists to create original works using only subfrequencies, more specifically, frequencies between 30hz and 150hz: their compositions will be played through a powerful subwoofer system, transforming Kunstbar into a musical pressure room, for a unique listening experience that activates the whole body.

Expect an immersive, challenging, and inclusive experience while subfrequencies pass through your body and invite your focus to go deep down, where you hardly ever went, lead by the artistic excellence of our artists (in alphabetic order):

Akka Miau (Female: Pressure)

Alejandro Mosso (Sushitech)

Alexander Tillegreen (Raster Media)

Bilwa (Un/natural fields)

Bocu (Maturre)

Byetone (Raster Media)

Carincur (Zabra)

Doron Sadja (12k)

Grischa Lichtenberger (Raster Media)

John Kameel Farah (Neue Meister)

Juan Orjuela (Vectronom)

Julia Lema (ESA-Aix)

Martine Nicole-Rojina (Mpathy Studio)

Myles de Bastion (Cymaspace)

Nuances d'Engrais (Multipolar)

Pawel Janicki (WRO Center for Media Art)

Peter Kirn (CDM)

Sebastien Branche (Relentless)

Sofia Balbontin (Espacio Resonantes)

Stefanie Egedy (MONOM)

Troi Lee (Deaf Rave)

Christian Duka (Amoenus)

Umit Han (Traum)

Vicente (Mazarin)

Weselle (Music for Comfortable Spaces)

Hearing protection will be available at the door.

Sub_Bar is kindly supported by Musikfonds, Fonds Soziokultur, RCF & Ableton.

About Eufonia:

Eufonia is an interdisciplinary platform that explores the relationship between art, science, and culture through the medium of sound. We believe that curiosity, creativity, and dialogue are necessary for artistic, scientific, and social development. We explore the use of sound in various aspects of daily life and create unique and engaging opportunities for people to meet. In doing so, we are motivated by the beauty of sharing knowledge across geographic, academic, and cultural boundaries.

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