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Become a certified Design Sprint Facilitator! In this two-day training you will learn everything you need to know to successfully plan and facilitate your own Design Sprint. Get feedback from best-in-class coaches and learn how to master even the most difficult sprint situations.

Watch our Video to learn more:

Design Sprint Training by Strive Studio

You have heard about Design Sprints before and want to know how a Sprint really works? You have read the Sprint book and want to experience the process in real life?

In our 2-day Design Sprint Training you will learn everything you need to know to successfully plan and facilitate a Design Sprint.

NEW: If you want to learn everything about rapid prototyping (day 3), you can now book the extended training. Check out the different ticket options below to learn more.

Design Sprint Training with Strive

We have facilitated and trained hundreds of participants from a variety of industries, including industrial companies, banks, energy producers, publishers and software publishers.

Strive Referenzen

93% our participants rate the Strive Design Sprint training with 5 out of 5 stars.

90% our employed participants are sure that the Design Sprint is important for their career.

95% our participants recommend the Strive Design Sprint training.

40% our freelancing participants could enhance their daily rates to 10%-40%.

Don't just take our word for it...

Design Sprint Training Kundenstimme

"The Strive Design Sprint Training is a huge advantage for innovation trainers and coaches: do it yourself, learn it yourself, exchange ideas and receive many valuable tips for your own Design Sprints from the Strive coaches."

Andrea Badura, Professor B2B Marketing and Innovation Management, HAW Landshut

Design Sprint Training Kundenstimme

"Coach the Coach. In the Strive Design Sprint Training, we got a lot of insights and helpful tips to make our own workshops better. Our individual questions were answered at any time. If you want to become a Design Sprint Facilitator, you should definetly join the training.“

Soumaya Msalmi, Innovation Manager, Eberspächer GmbH

Design Sprint Training Kundenstimme

"Extremely cool and effective. We used the momentum and insights from the Strive Design Sprint Training to push our current projects. This allowed us to plan and launch our new online website within no time. Thank you very much!."

Lukas Kreidenweis, Founder, deinKlub GmbH

Design Sprint Training Kundenstimme

"The Strive Design Sprint Training was full of energy and fun. It was amazing to see what we achieved in a short time. I especially loved the principle together-alone, which I will use in my own trainings and workshops. Strive has helped us with many examples from their own experience. I can hardly wait to finally start my first own Design Sprint!"

Sabine Canditt, Agile Trainer and Coach, cegeka Deutschland GmbH

Learn more on our website: strivestudio.de

Wait a second: What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a structured 4-day process to quickly find answers to complex business challenges. The Design Sprint is based on rapid prototyping and customer feedback. Originally developed by Jake Knapp at Google Venture (GV), it is now used by thousands of companies around the world to push the development of new innovative products or make important decisions.

Who should attend?

Our Design Sprint Training is suited for everyone who wants to apply Design Sprints in their own company or with customers and implement digital products in interdisciplinary teams. For example:

  • Executives who want to understand how teams can make quick decisions and be more agile.

  • Product managers and Product Owner, who want to develop new products and features or improve existing ones
  • Project managers who are looking for new ways to successfully start and accelerate complex projects or systematically improve cost- and time-intensive processes.
  • Innovation managers looking for a framework to quickly test innovative ideas.

  • Startup founders who want to learn how their product and business model must be designed to be successful.
  • Design, marketing or development specialists who want to develop and test new concepts with speed & fun.

  • Trainers and consultants who want to learn the Design Sprint in order to apply it successfully with their own customers.

What should I expect?

After finishing our training you will know:

  • What a Design Sprint is, how it works and how to successfully faciliate all exercises - using real examples and feedback.

  • How to plan a design sprint, define the right challenge and choose the right starting point.

  • How participants feel during the sprint, how to be clear and precise as a facilitator and how to deal with difficult situations during the sprint.

  • What happens after a design sprint and how to ensure that the momentum is not lost
  • How to modify the Design Sprint and adapt it to the needs of your projects and organization.

The training will be entirely in english.

What types of tickets are available?


Design Sprint Training Berlin Standard Ticket

Learn in two days (2nd and 3rd December 2019) how to use Design Sprints successfully. Together with our experienced sprint coaches we simulate the individual exercises and show you tips & tricks for the practical planning and execution of design sprints. You will also receive our Facilitator Guide which helps you to facilitate design sprints yourself.


Design Sprint Training Berlin Prototyping Ticket

Attend the Design Sprint Workshop as in the Standard-Ticket AND take part in our Digital Prototyping Workshop on the 4th of December 2019. Learn, what a successful prototyping process looks like, what tools are available and build prototypes yourself under the guidance of an experienced UX designer.

Training Agenda

The following agenda gives a short overview of the three workshop days.

Day 1: Design Sprint Training

  • Intro: What is a design sprint and what is the role of the facilitator?

  • Sprint Planning: How do you plan a Design Sprint? (Preparation, Sprint Challenge, Scope, Team Selection)

  • Simulation Sprint Day 1-2: Agenda, exercises, facilitation, examples, role play

  • Q&A and preview on day 2

Day 2: Design Sprint Training

  • Simulation Sprint Day 3-4: Agenda, exercises, facilitation, examples, role play

  • Facilitation Best Practices: Deep Dive into the Do's & Dont's of the Design Sprint Facilitation

  • Emotion Management: How to anticipate and handle complex group dynamics and conflicts

  • Sprint Variation: How to vary the Design Sprint Process and the exercises

  • Finale: Certificates and clarification of all open questions

Day 3: Digital Prototyping Workshop (optional)

  • Prototyping Mindset: What types of prototypes are there? What do I test how? What makes up a good prototype and what skills does a good prototyper need?

  • Tools: Overview and introduction to common digital prototyping tools and software (Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision, Figma) and suitable templates

  • Hands-On Step by step creation of a prototype (from low to high fidelity)
  • Rapid Prototyping für Design Sprints: Tips & Tricks for the Prototyping Process in Design Sprints

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the training send us an Email to hi@strivestudio.de or give us a call: +49 711 252 555 88.

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