Speculative Futures Berlin: [Bio'nd] x Food Fiction


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How can we rethink existing food systems? Join us in our discussion on the future of food, live from the Natural History Museum Berlin.

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⚡️ Speculative Futures Berlin is back! ⚡️

After a long pause due to the worldwide pandemic, we are making our comeback in a new digital format – live from Museum für Naturkunde Berlin!

Please join us in our discussion on the future of food.


The way we eat is the way we shape our planet.

As our eating behavior has become a complex interaction of science, technology, culture as well as local and global systems, the quest for solutions should no longer focus on what we eat in the near futures, but on the how.

“Food Fictions”, a project by the Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRI) of Fraunhofer IAO, focuses on how we grow, produce, process and share our food. 🍊🌽

  • How can we rethink existing food systems and stakeholders’ roles (wholesale, gastronomy, consumer and agriculture)?
  • Where are the boundaries between consumer and producer?
  • What role do eating cultures and traditions play?
  • How can bioeconomic approaches lead to new solutions?

Five object-based future scenarios were developed in cooperation with experts from the science community, and translated into a speculative pop-up exhibition and “Cooking the Future” participatory workshops with edible artifacts. The exhibition is set up at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, which you will be able to explore digitally.

🌟This speculative futures meetup is a special edition, as it is integrated into "Food Fiction" and [Bio’nd] – both projects curated as a part of the Wissenschaftsjahr Bioökonomie 2020|21. “Food Fiction” is developed by the Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRI) of Fraunhofer IAO, and [Bio’nd] is created by Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment, and Ellery Studio.

“Food Fictions” project leader Lynn Harles takes you behind the scenes of the project and the use of speculative (food) design methodologies in a scientific context. Dodo Vögler from Ellery Studio will be introducing [Bio’nd] and providing insight into future studies and speculative design.

🔷 Lynn Harles is a design researcher at the Center for Responsible Research and Innovation at Fraunhofer IAO (Fraunhofer CeRRI) and a current PHD candidate at the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

Her research focuses on new ways of science communication, especially with regard to public debates on environmental and social challenges.

In her work, she is focusing on the intersection of microbiology, technological innovations and cultural practices and explores the boundaries of critical and speculative design practices as novel ways of science-based knowledge-transfer. Furthermore, she questions the ethical responsibility of designers within the process of creating public debates.

🔷 Dodo Vögler is a co-founder of creative strategy consultancy Ellery Studio, and founder/co-organizer of Speculative Futures Berlin. As a strategic designer and future researcher, Vögler investigates possible and desirable futures, streamlines processes of knowledge generation in participatory formats, and develops innovative communication tools. Her current work focuses on processes within Germany’s energy transition, post-industrial community development, and gender equality. She teaches at the Design Akademie Berlin.

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