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"Specs On! 2016" teilen



Friday 21.10.
19:30 Opening Concert - Ren Rehnqvist - Alpaca Ensemble

Saturday 22.10.
14:00 See how we work - free admission
16:00 Contemporary Perspectives I, 40f
17:30 Work Session - free admission
19:00 Romantic Perspectives
21:00 Electronic Perspectives

Sunday 23.10.
14:00 Contemporary Perspectives II - Sylvia Hinz, Ellen Sjö Sander
16:00 Baroque Perspectives - Operabyrån
17:30 Discussion - free admission
19:00 Cultural Perspectives - The Ballad of East Meets West

About Specs on!

Why do we need a festival about norms? Which norms?

While looking at the programmes of classical music today, one can easily think that to be able to be a composer one has to be a white man (and preferably dead). And if you want to lead an orchestra, you also have to be a white man. The norm in classical music is a man, especially for prestigious positions. In the list of top conductors, only 5 women feature in the top 150, according to Bachtrack, and you have to delve to #260 to reach the fifth female composer.

Does that mean that there aren’t any women in music? Or other genders? Certainly not. Some of the older ones were well known and famous during their lifetime, but they have fallen into oblivion. The ones who are still alive receive less recognition than their male colleagues.

Specs On! is a festival for norm-critical perspectives on classical and contemporary music. We want to bring rules, norms, routines, patterns of attitudes and behavior into focus – and play some truly amazing music. 

Our artists this year inculde:

Operabyrån, Ensemble 40f, Sylvia Hinz, Maria W. Horn, Ellen Sjö Sander, Paul Livingston, Jean Broekhulzen, Hannah Moss, Emiko Okuyama, and Jess Rucinski. 

We are also very excited to announce that we will be holding free discussion panels by Stefan Forsberg (Intendant Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Sweden), Astrid Pernille Hartmann (KVAST), and Mary Ellen Kitchens (Archiv Frau und Musik).

Join us at our festival on norms and sexism within the world of classical and contemporary music!

Visit our website at http://www.specson.org  or  follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/specsonfestival

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