Small-group and individual ritual dance sessions

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Small-group and individual ritual dance sessions

More than private dance lessons and not exactly a psychotherapy, but definitively an intimate rite with you and/or your (potential) friends

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Viktoriapark Monumentstr. 20 10965 Berlin Germany

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Please, read this description till the end before you come to the event. Thank you very much!

given by Regina LoMío (dance teacher, )

organized by LoMío (

Facebook event: Whenever possible, please, follow the event on Facebook to get notified of any change or update. Once in Facebook, you are welcome to click on "Interested" for the whole event and to follow the event's Discussion. On a mobile device, just go to the page of the whole event and then expand the Discussion by clicking on "See all>" to display all posts. This a private event, so you don't need to say you are interested on individual dates here or in Facebook. If you truly are interested, please, send me (Regina LoMío: a message for or about a session request. You can also post your request in the event's Discussion in Facebook to call for other participants to join and share the costs of a session. Thank you very much!

Dance is not just the art form in which movement is provoked by and/or synchronized with music and sounds, it is also a (very human) way to express feelings, mental states, identities in a way akin to (social) body language, for instance. To dance well you need technical prowess, confidence, imagination, and sense of context. The last three are psychologically relevant categories which define aspects of the personality and also are constantly affected by the person's mental/emotional health.

Dancing is not just dancing. Dancing can be much more than just movements.

In this event we will approach the act of dancing as deliberately ritual, transcendental, indeed mindful. In a ritualized setup, like in the traditional rites associated to ancient cults and cultures, dancing can be a healing tool when coupled with conscious cultural learning and mindful techniques. There is the possibility to work on dance and movement patterns that would be suitable to anyone willing to improve their body-mind connection, indeed their psychological/neurological well-being. We intend to do so through promoting self-expression, a healthy balance between non-inhibition and self-control, body positivism, rhythmical prowess, movement coordination, movement synchronization and movement independence (distinguishing from body parts, e.g., arms, legs, head) when dancing to polyrhythmic music, conscious psychological and/or cultural identification with the subject and imagery of the music and the context (dance rite); and, whenever possible, we will aim at reaching transcendental and spiritually relevant states of the mind beyond the actual dance.

Each session is appropriate for either only one client or up to a maximum of five (5) persons at the time. I will offer three different styles:

Afro Cuban (link to previous event:

Techno-based (link to previous event:

free-style (link to ongoing event: with diverse popular music of choice

It is totally up to you (a person or a 5-heads group) which style you would like in your session, and in fact, you can experience all in the same single session or alternate between the styles through more than one session. Just notify in advance per e-mail or private message here in Facebook about your preferred event settings. The ritual dance sessions would allow us not just to work on the appropriate dance/movement patterns but also verbal feedback and conversations on the topics of emotional/mental health relevant to you, as well as the exchange of music, video, and literature material that you wish to obtain. Water, tea, and eventually self-made non-alcoholic fermented beverages will be served and free of any charge.

Session plan (persons, pricing, and inscription): The event is designed in a flexible manner allowing sessions involving from one to five persons per session. There will be three different kinds of session plans regarding the number of attendees, payment method, and inscription deadlines.

- Plan A: for just one individual who would pay 40 EUR per hour (a 120-min (2-hours) session will cost 80 EUR) and you can request 1 hour, 1 hour 30 minutes, or 2 hours of dance session. Only cash will be accepted when you pay on arrival or during a session. You can book a session up to three (3) days prior to your desired date, and you can cancel anytime via e-mail or phone should you not make it.

- Plan B: for a maximum of five (5) people, who would possibly be befriended/acquainted (eg. close friends, job colleagues) in advance and would whenever possible request the 2-hours session and transfer the payment of 75 EUR via PayPal or bank transfer jointly as a group. You can also split the transfers (for instance, 15 EUR per person) specifying the date and time of the session in your transfer. In any case you (as a group) need to do so at least ten (10) days ahead of your desired date, so that the transfer would be confirmed by me at least one week before the session. Refund only possible until five (5) days before the session and then if two (2) of you have to cancel and request refund the session would be cancelled unless the remaining three (3) want to pay 75 EUR jointly or 10 EUR more per head. Finally if on the day of the session some cannot attend the event would still go ahead even if it is with only one client.

- Plan C: for four (4) to five (5) not necessarily related persons who notify attendance three (3) days in advance and pay 25 EUR on arrival but take the risk that if less than three (1 or 2) attend the event is cancelled, unless they want to pay 75 EUR jointly on arrival. This means that if I receive a request for a date where someone else already booked a Plan C session, I would add persons to that date until there are five potential attendees. All of you will receive a notification from me about the planned session and whether or not there are at least four (4) people enrolled, which is the minimum required in this case to confirm the session's occurrence. I will also make a choice of music, dance style, and emotional/spiritual themes after talking to all the attendees and getting a feel of what best would suit the whole group, i.e. a sort of conscious addition and/or common denominator result of all of your interests together. Otherwise If you request a Plan C session on a date where someone else already booked a Plan A (individual) session I would then ask that person whether it is ok that you attend their session. If they agree you'd pay only 25 EUR for the 2-hours session while the person who originally requested the individual session pays 50 EUR (instead of 80 EUR) and still gets to decide which music, dance style, and/or emotional/spiritual themes we will addressed in the session. You can also just split the 75-EUR fee and make it a truly shared 2-persons session if you wish so but the choice of dance/music style and themes would have already been defined by the person who originally requested the individual session. I will constantly post on the event's discussion which dates already are booked and through which plan and style, though not at all by whom.

Corona-required and other hygienic measures: In principle everyone is welcome regardless of vaccination/Covid-immunity status, and I, the dance teacher, am fully Covid-19-vaccinated and boostered (3 of 3). If nearing the date of the planned session you have respiratory symptoms, please, refrain from attending and your request will be rescheduled for a later time-point. Keeping a 1,5-m distance or wearing a mask is not required but it is up to you as individual. However, if you still are wary of any shared session with non-vaccinated/non-Covid immune attendees, plan your own 5-heads group with friends and/or acquaintances (Plan B, see above) making sure everyone has the Covid-status that you prefer. Available sanitary conditions will be provided so you can wash hands, and windows will be open several times to ensure the room is well aired. Please, beware it may not be suitable for you if you are allergic to cat hair.

Level: Level-independent

Inscription and dates: Just send a private message to LoMío's facebook page or an e-mail to Regina LoMio (LoMío) Provide a phone number through which I could contact you (preferably smartphone's apps like Signal or Telegram). Once we are in contact through phone I would share the address with you and we can arrange a dance date and a payment method according to your prospected plan (see above, A, B, or C). Available dates are Tuesdays or Wednesdays, between 15:00 and 19:00, which means you can arrange a dance date either 15:00-17:00 or 17:00-19:00 on any of these days.

Outfits: Training outfits, sports wear, or similar.

Language: English (German or Spanish on request).

Address: Indoors, somewhere in the Viktoriapark (Viktoriahof) neighborhood. You will get the exact address after contacting me.