Sharing Circle for womxn

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Sharing Circle for womxn

We listen with Attention, Speak with Intention.

By Daisy Hilbrands

When and where

Date and time

Tuesday, June 6 · 10 - 11:30am PDT



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Refunds up to 1 day before event

About this event

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Mobile eTicket


It is a confidential space were one can share thought, worries and fears. What are shared in the circle, stays in the circle. We listen to each other with love and compassion to open hearts to understand and connect with one another. We do not judge but are open to learning from each speaker and accept differences of opinion as valuable. We listen without interrupt or display any reactions to the speaker's feelings or opinions and do not comment or discuss the speakers sharing afterwards.

By sharing and being meet with love and acceptance a personal healing or reflection can begin.

How the circle works

The facilitator opens the circle

The totem is agreed on

Once one has taken the totem, they are the speaker, the rest of the group are the listeners

The speaker has 10 minutes to share their story, emotions or thoughts

The speaker can speak freely about any subject

The listeners listen without interruption or judgement

When the speaker has no more to share, they place the totem back in the circle

Next person can pick up the totem to share

When no one has picked up the totem the facilitator closes the circle

The practicalities

This circle is closed to women

It is a video on event, we are here to share and show vulnerability and trust

Make sure you have a suitable space to join the circle from, we do not mute ourselves while listing to not disconnect from the space.

It will not be possible to join the circle after the event has started (+5 minutes), so the space is not interrupted

There is no limitation on what can be shared

I will give a signal if a speaker pass 10 minutes

It is not required to share, it is okay to be a listener

There will be max 8 people in each event

The time of the circle will depend on the number of participants and speakers, but maximal 90 minutes

When the circle close, I will stay in the meeting room for 15 minutes after, so if someone is feeling need to talk to someone afterwards, just logon the meeting again.

Remember it is confidential space

It is a donation based event, it is okay not to donate

About the organizer

Organized by
Daisy Hilbrands