Sewing Class: Dress or T-Shirt

Sewing Class: Dress or T-Shirt

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Friedrichstraße 23a

Friedrichstraße 23a

10969 Berlin


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Understand how the body is translated into a sewing pattern, together with a basic set of skills for cutting and sewing stretchy fabric.

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You will learn

  • how to understand and work with commercial patterns;
  • how to plan and cut your fabric for minimum waste;
  • techniques for easy handling fiddly, stretch fabric;
  • how to attach sleeves to a piece;
  • how to sew construction elements for a better fit, called "darts";
  • how to create a neckline finishing;
  • how to easily finish clothes’ bottom on stretch (hemming);
  • many other things you will understand in the process.

You will take home 

  • a dress or a T-Shirt adapted to your style, created with your chosen fabric (provided by us);
  • a paper pattern customized to your measurements;
  • a PDF with sewing instructions to help you easily recreate your piece at home with different design variations;
  • notions about fabric cutting, sewing and manipulation that prepare you for more advanced stretch projects;
  • techniques that you can apply also on sportswear and swimwear;
  • a professional picture with you wearing your project.

All the sustainable fabrics & trims needed, all tools and snacks are included.

The class consists of one session of 7 hours with 30 minutes break.

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