Search Summit II - Can we disrupt online search?

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Online search owns your ass and influences the lifes, opinions and choices of millions of people. Can we disrupt it?

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After our amazing success with the first Search Summit on August 28 we do it again:

Join this exclusive gathering of experts from the tech and digital world to co-create, collaborate and conspire!

Let's disrupt online search with masterind sessions, brainstorms and workshops held through the internet.

Learn how to bring down goliath from a micro and macro perspective.

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---The Problem---

Google is not a neutral tech company but politically biased. Being the 5th largest tech company in the world, it's influence on public opinion and power is out of control for many years.

---The Solution---

The solution is rather hard and complex than easy. Therefore we are gathering the world's best minds and experts to co-create disruptive approaches, strategies and solutions.

---The Online Search Summit----

Let's find out how we can disrupt online search in this virtual summit. Learn from expert speakers, share insights and join mastermind sessions, brainstorms and design thinking workshops. The Search Summit is an open bazar for knowledge and creative ideas to disrupt online search.

Find out to get free of google or how to make millions exploiting it's algorithm. Access the best strategies and tactics to improve your long-term position personally and professionally in regards to your web-antifragility.

This Summit is using the innovative format of a virtual summit. Everything is happening online on the world wide web via live conferencing and attendees from around the globe can save the cost for travel and hotel. If you purchase a ticket you will be provided with access to the virtual summit as well as other great things such as free content and access to our mastermind group.


ONLY 99 Tickets - Strictly Limited Seats (SLS)

Be fast and make sure you will save your ticket today before we'll be sold out.




With $17 million in online sales his career as an internet entrepreneur reached highs but also lows. His talent to hack search engine algorithm and social media algorithms earned him profits but also brought him serious trouble. He is an expert when it comes to deep insights and tactics to exploit search engines.


Yaël Ossowski is an international consumer choice activist and writer. He’s currently deputy director for the Consumer Choice Center. Yaël has worked as a multimedia journalist globally, writing for outlets such as The Washington Examiner, The Huffington Post, South African Business Day, Reason Magazine, American Spectator, The Gaston Gazette,, and more.


Markus Behmann is a digital native and digital entrepreneur with multiple ventures in his pocket. He is savvy like a veteran when it comes to online search and technology and is a strategist and solution finder understanding the macro of global dynamics as well as the business reality from zero to one.


He is an expert on geopolitics and special economic zones. His experience ranges from international law, asset management, to ethics and open-source intelligence, the latter of which is his greatest interest. He is an avid reader and traveler - his daily book reviews (one year one book every day) focus primarily on policy, geography, intelligence and economics.


Paul is a web developer and researcher. His presentation is titled: "Building a Team to Take on Tech Giants"

We've all heard and read many adages about how to hire the "best" or to only hire "A players". But who are the "A Players" and does hiring them really help your team compete better? This discussion will start with a presentation with what history, science, and recent evidence has shown us and then turn into a solution focused workshop.


The online entrepreneur turned coffee-entreprenuer has made 6 figure revenue with booking sites until a change in the algorithm took the business down. His experienced learned him precious strategic do's and dont's that he incorporates in his new coffee venture. He is a pioneer for freedom, bitcoin and a cultural activist.


Daniel is a seasoned academic and professional specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Fintech. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Malta and a Masters of Science in Statistics from the University of Sheffield.

He is very passionate about disruptive startups, all forms of automation and decentralized technologies and has been an active part of the discussion regarding the regulation of crypto-related projects in Malta.

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