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Salsa alternativa

A weekly venue to learn, rehearse, and celebrate the Cuban Salsa, known as Timba. At the intersection between party and ritual dance lessons

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Bergmannkiez Zossenerstr. 26 10961 Berlin Germany

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UPDATE: The event is paused until we find another location. It is going to take a little while but it is highly probable we would be back soon. Stay connected and feel welcome to join us when the time comes. Sincerely, Regina (LoMío)

Please, read this description till the end before you come to the event. Thank you very much!

given by Regina LoMío (dance teacher, )

organized by LoMío (

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Everyone knows (about) Salsa, right? But what is it really? Is there more to it than just the standard, mainstream, worldwide available dance style? Oh yes, and I want to show what it is like to be Cuban and miss the authentic dance parties in Havana. Back in the 1990's we, the young Cuban people, became very flexible and more individual when dancing to the Cuban Son and Son-derived music styles that had made the most of what is now internationally known as Salsa. Paired dancing is great, beautiful, and useful, but in my opinion it can get a little boring after a while and you would be heading to the Berlin's prolific offer on discotheques, bars, and places where you can dance individually and yet socially until your shoes hurt...So pause your Casino on high heels and get on your sneakers for an evening of Timba, Salsa Cubana (Cuban Salsa, kubanische Salsa), Alternative/Jazzy/Fusion Afro Cuban dance.

A little intro to the matter in question: The Afro Cuban dances and dance-friendly music styles are ubiquitous in popular culture after having reached global status some 70 years ago. They appear in many forms: original, fusion, and sometimes hidden yet „branded“ forms which you, the neophyte Westerner, may only faintly recognize as Afro Cuban. Salsa, latinx electro, standard mambo, etc., I am sure you get the idea...Therefore, I, a Havana-born/raised dance teacher specialized in Afro Cuban dance, want to provide you with a venue in which you will learn, rehearse, and celebrate these dances.

Level: level-independent

Dates: Nearly every Friday but check occurrence and attendance in Facebook whenever possible. The dance rite and lesson will start sometime between 20:00 and usually 20:30 or when there are about 3 people at least. Thus you don't have to worry if a bit late but don't overdo it, generally before 20:40 there is good chance you'll get most of the lesson and rite. After the lesson there will be open dance floor for as long as there are people in it or until about 23:30. The bar opens at 19:00 and you are welcome to come even before 20:00 if you wish so.

Price: Free entrance. We will be glad for your 3 to 10 EUR contribution to the dance act.

Corona-required hygienic measures: Same as required for a café/bar at a given moment.

Language: English (German or Spanish on request)

Address: to be found.