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Relationship class with Justine Dawson


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Learn to work with the force that you can’t outrun.

There are very few crucibles available for people to explore relationship at the deepest level. That feeling of being so connected you cannot escape, watching yourself enter your volatility and learning how to navigate the parts of yourself you never thought you could face. Relationships truly take us out of control, and in our lives there are few arenas where we can make mistakes with little cost. There is where understanding your ideal relationship blueprint begins. You are touching your own involuntary system, and you are learning what it wants and how it reacts when it is deeply seen and loved.

In this one day workshop, join TurnON Britain Senior Instructor Justine Dawson for a deep experience of what it means to be in relationship and how people can design their connections to foster the deepest intimacy, the hottest sex, and the most exhilarating sense of play.

Learn How To:

  • Design the hottest relationship based on feeling rather than formula
  • Speak your truths & desires, no matter how uncomfortable
  • Negotiate the makeouts you want and get comfortable with both yes & no
  • Learn to work with the heat of jealousy
  • Get and give the attention you’ve been craving
  • Discover how your past experiences of relationship affect your choices today
  • Explore the range of relationship models and find the one that works for you
  • Get the sex you want exactly as you want it

Each registrant will receive a phone call from an Orgasm Expert welcoming them to the course and orienting them within one week of the course date.

This course is open to men and women (couples and singles) and will include lecture, dialog, experiential exercises and integrative assignments. Come prepared to have your relationship world rewired!

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