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Reactive Architectures with Angular and Redux (ngrx)


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In this interactive seminar Manfred Steyer, O’Reilly author and Google Developer Expert, and Michael Hladky, organiser of Angular Vienna, will explain how to develop reactive applications with Angular. Based on a complete project with numerous examples, you will learn the professional use of rxjs (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript) and how to establish a clear and reactive architecture in your application with Redux.

Required Preconditions

A basic knowledge of Angular would be desirable. You can prepare with the official tutorial at www.angular.io.

Public Training vs InHouse-Workshop

This is a public training. If you want to send several attendies, an InHouse-Workshop would be more inexpensive. We offer them at https://softwarearchitekt.at.


  • rxjs (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript)

    • Observables

    • Producing observables

    • Cold vs. hot observables

    • Using and combining operators

    • Observables vs. subjects

    • Types of subjects

  • Redux with @ngrx/Store

    • Motivation and alternatives

    • Architecture

    • Store

    • Actions

    • Reducer

    • Action Builder and alternatives

    • Asynchronous side effects with @ngrx/Effects

    • Debugging Redux applications

    • Undo/Redo with Redux

    • Optimistic UIs with Redux

    • Persisting states

  • Reactive forms

    • Object model behind reactive forms

    • Structure of reactive forms

    • Validating reactive forms

    • Dynamic forms

  • Component design for ReduxRouting and Redux

    • Types of components and their implementation

    • Communication between components

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1150 Wien


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