Queer Techno rite

Queer Techno rite

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A weekly venue to learn, rehearse, and celebrate the dancing to electronic music. At the intersection between party and ritual dance lessons

About this event

UPDATE: The event is paused until we find another location. It is going to take a little while but it is highly probable we would be back soon. Stay connected and feel welcome to join us when the time comes. Sincerely, Regina (LoMío)

Please, read this description till the end before you come to the event. Thank you very much!

given by Regina LoMío (dance teacher, facebook.com/reginalomio )

organized by LoMío (facebook.com/lomiosi)

Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/2UqJBcn3F. Please, follow the event in Facebook to get notified of any change or update. Once in Facebook, you are welcome to click on "Interested" for the whole event and to follow the event's Discussion. On a mobile device, just go to the page of the whole event and then expand the Discussion by clicking on "See all>" to display all posts.

I must confess that as a longtime club goer and Techno enthusiast I have always felt something could be done to improve people's sense of rhythm and dance ability while dancing to house-electro-techno in and out of the club. No, it doesn't have be that monotone! I invite you to a dance ritual where you can possibly improve your emotional wellbeing while learning some Techno dance tricks. It could be helpful for those of you who would go clubbing later on a Saturday and would like to syntonize better with the whole Techno culture and its emotional implications before you head for the joyful dance chaos.

We have done it open-air in the last 2 years in the Viktoriapark (link to previous event: facebook.com/events/735238370556164) and I don't have any plan yet to stop doing it. This one is the Techno/Electronic-only and queer-friendly (celebrating!) version of my Techno-related events. As it is custom for my events, this is an event to understand techno dance not just as party-relevant. I would like to show you how to dance more consciously, more spiritually (indeed like in a ritual) to techno and electronic musics of all sorts without losing the ability to have fun and without needing anything else than good will, good music, friendly surroundings and perhaps, my help. We have got nothing short of legendary queer-base Melitta Sundström café/bar as venue for our ritual dancing adventures!

A little intro to the matter in question: Since the past 40 years a new (though not so out-of-the-blue) dance-friendly music has emerged: electronic dance music. From the very Afro American house of Chicago and Techno of Detroit to the European post-industrial Techno pioneers of Dusseldorf, Manchester, and Berlin the behavioral revolution had to be danced! One aspect of most dance-friendly electronic music is the (poly)rhythmic command of it, its beat, the repetitive and at times deliberately psychedelic effect on our minds. Blended in the lessons without a particular sequence, we will dance to the following music styles: House (Classical, Acid, Italian, Afro, tech, deep), Techno (old-school, current, ethereal, space), Minimal, some Ambient, Industrial, some Drum&Bass, some Ethno(Techno), Trance, diverse meditative and ritual(ish) electronic music and occasionally some spoken-word and non-electronic music with related subjects and histories.

Level: level-independent

Audience: Everyone who wants is welcome, but we explicitly invite the queer (LGBTQIA+) community to attend this event. By 'queer' I mean everyone who is not 100% cisgender or/and not 100% heterosexual, as well as those who explicitly support us (allies). If you are not (yet) an ally, become one by joining us here and make new friends.

Dates: Nearly every Saturday but check occurrence and attendance here in Facebook whenever possible. The dance rite and lesson will start sometime between 17:00 and usually 17:30 or when there are about 3 people at least. Thus you don't have to worry if a bit late but don't overdo it, generally before 17:40 there is good chance you'll get most of the lesson and rite. After the lesson there will be Techno music until about 21:00 and you can dance to it, of course. Needless to say: we don't care about dresscodes as long as you bring your authentic self!

Price: Free entrance. We will be glad for your 3 to 10 EUR contribution to the dance rite act.

Corona-required hygienic measures: Same as required for a café/bar at a given moment.

Language: English (German or Spanish on request).

Address: To be announced soon