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Private sewing Class: Repairs & Alterations

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Practice your sewing by learning to repair and adjust your clothes using simple alteration techniques.

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  • one or several simple repairs (mending, patching, covering stains & holes);
  • one or several simple alterations (shortening, lengthening, tightening);
  • one or several simple upcycling projects of your own.


  • how to use the sewing machine functions and settings needed for your project;
  • how to adjust the machine according to the fabric type;
  • how to plan your process for an easy experience;
  • techniques for simple repairs & adjustment;
  • simple techniques for upcycling.

The rhythm of completing your project/projects depends on factors such as project difficulty, fabric difficulty, skill level. We cannot guarantee all the projects you bring will be finished in the given 3 hours session. If you wish to continue where you left off, you can always book a new session.

Trims, fabrics, snacks and other sewing equipment you might need are included.

More details you can find on our website: https://wiederundwider.com/repairs-alterations-sewing-class/

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