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Private Class: Intro to Fabrics & the Sewing Machine

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58 €
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Learn the basic knowledge you need to start sewing your own clothes and accessories keeping sustainability at the forefront.

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  • which are the most common types of fabrics, their properties and uses;
  • how to prolong the life of your garments;
  • how to set up and use the sewing machine and all its different functions;
  • how to quickly understand and fix sewing machine set-up issues;
  • how to sew with different types of fabrics;
  • how to make different types of stitches you will later need in your projects;
  • how to take correct body measurements.


  • a new understanding of fabrics and different sewing techniques for approaching them;
  • a complete overview of how the sewing machine works and how you can use each of its functions depending on your sewing objective;
  • the sewing knowledge to already start working on the clothes that have been waiting for a repair;
  • a list of your complete body measurements for your future projects.

Fabrics, tools and sewing machines will be provided, so there is no need to bring anything. If you want to learn on your own machine, feel free to bring it.

For more information and more dates, check our website: https://wiederundwider.com/introduction-sustainable-sewing-class/

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