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Personal Finance Q&A: Real Estate, Insurance, Investments, Pensions, etc


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Personal Finance Q&A: Real Estate, Insurance, Investments, Pensions, etc

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Streaming on YouTube Live: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyb3q2v3OvEQgBCN4eJ0GSw

Do you think Germany is complicated? You are not alone.

Germany ranks as one of the most difficult countries for internationals to settle in.

This event is all about you: YOU ask, WE answer.

We will get you the answers to the questions you have and set you up for financial success!

Feel free to ask all your Personal Finance Questions on

✅ Real Estate

✅ (Health) Insurance

✅ Investments

✅ Pensions

Your questions are too personal for a public chat?

Secure your FREE 30m session with us here: https://perfinex.de/free-meeting/

About PerFinEx

Money doesn’t come with instructions. This is why we are dedicated to help you understand finance – and most importantly your personal financial situation in Germany. So you are informed and able to make the best decisions you are already trying to make.

We make finance accessible, easy to understand, non-threatening, and we try really hard to make it fun. So you know how money works and how it can work for you.

You want to be sure your financial future is safe & sound and able to help you enjoy all of your financial goals for yourself and your family. We are here to help you do exactly that, whether you already took care about your financial situation or think about doing it.

Join us for one of our informative and fun workshops. You’ll get insights, tips and strategies that are simple and easy to understand. Because we believe you should enjoy yourself while learning!

We are …

… simple & easy

No matter what you have been told before, understanding personal finance is not that difficult. Our approach is to simplify your finances for you so you understand what you are doing. No need to impress you or intimidate you with difficult words.

… one of a kind

Most financial advisors in Germany are agents who represent the one company they are working with. We are independent registered advisors who represent their clients. Meaning we are required by law to put your interests above our own.

… holistic in our approach

To make sure we match your needs, we cover all topics in the field of personal finance: Financial Planning, Insurance, Investment Management, Estate Planning, and much more. Your money, your choice what we are talking about.

Your expert for this event

Axel Brückner

Axel dedicated himself almost ten years ago to learn everything in the field of personal finance. A man from the practice for the practice who knows what he is talking about. After working in international environments at BMW & Internations as well as studying Psychology & Business Administration he shares the insights and secrets that no other financial professional would tell you.

Today he manages millions of €s, helps hundreds of families to achieve their financial goals and teaches Business Psychology at the FOM University in Munich. Listen to his words and act on his tips to save a lot of time, money & effort.

Please note

If you are staying in Germany short-term (less than 3 years), you will not gain any information that is relevant to you. Financial planning is oriented on long-term goals.

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