Open Day - The Better Way of Learning - Career in Music & Media

Open Day - The Better Way of Learning - Career in Music & Media

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Get first insights & inspiration for your career in music & media on campus.

About this event

In our on campus you get the opportunity to be inspired and to exchange ideas by numerous creatives.

The speakers include precisely those who work successfully in the industry every day and who can share their experience with you free of charge.


  • Overview of career opportunities at the United POP Academy
  • Lectures and workshops with our practical experts
  • Interactive Q&A session & exchange with creative people
  • Bachelor of Arts as a ticket to the international media industry

You can choose your individual program from more than a dozen workshops & panels on exciting topics from music, sound, marketing, management, voice, communication, design, fashion, makeup, games, film, photography & fitness!

Open Day - The Better Way of Learning - Career in Music & Media image
Open Day - The Better Way of Learning - Career in Music & Media image

Learn how to create the next big event of tomorrow!

Do you have an idea for a successful event? Do you excel in bringing people together? You can make your dream come true by becoming an Event Manager, a professional figure that spans in the entire industry. This workshop gives you the foundations to understand what makes an event successful: it’s not just the idea, but also understanding who your audience is, what their needs and interests are, building a coherent vision of what you want to do. And more: selecting the right venue for the event, getting the right technology at the service for it, navigating through budgets and sponsors, and thousands of more details that will make your journey towards the event exciting and challenging!

  • Get the foundations of every step of an event: building your idea, understanding your audience, managing budgets, choosing the right venue, deal with technology, set up transportation and food and beverage, event production and follow up.
  • Identify what are the most important principles of event management;
  • Understand the entire life cycle of an event
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Have a good voice? Become a Voice Over Artist and learn how make money with your voice!

Have a good voice? Become a Voice Over Artist and learn how make money with your voice!

  • Learn how to use your voice for Radio & TV Commercials , Audiobooks , Documentary, IVR-systems, Service texts or any kind of text that has your interest
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Project Managment

Do you have a project idea in your mind that you dream to realize? Project management can help you! Understanding how to set up plans, guide teammates and how to manage changes, risks, and stakeholders, can set sail on your idea in making it successful. This workshop will give you the basics to understand what a project is and how project management is structured, gaining a deeper comprehension of what the role and the responsibility is of a project manager. Also, we’ll introduce you to the many applications that project management has in every industry and the jobs you might pursue by becoming one.

  • Define what a project management is and describe what constitutes a project
  • Learn the life cycle of a project and explain the significance of each phase
  • Learn the core skills that a project manager should have to be successful
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How to write Good Lyrics

Learn how to surprise yourself with incredible lyrics for your song. We will work with source material and learn 5 simple moves to transform it into inspired and poetic poetry for your songs.

No musical experience is required for this workshop, but it’s also suitable for experienced songwriters.

  • What skills you need to write songs
  • Different roles have different income sources
  • The power of honesty
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Music Prodcution: The power of Sampling

Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Picasso. Sampling is just one form to create something new, something fresh. One form most of the creative people underestimate. It became so rare, BUT the biggest artists in business still do it and most of those tracks are peaking in the charts for a very long time. So don’t be shy, get involved in the beauty of sampling!

  • Evolve your creative process by being sensitized for the art of sampling
  • Understand the usage with examples from classics and current chart breaker
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3D for games: An introduction (13:30 & 15:00 o'clock)

Discover what tools and techniques your favorite game development studio's use to turn idea's and fantasy into explorable 3D worlds. Find out what it is exactly that 3D artists do at these companies, and what it takes to become one. What do we mean when we talk about 3D art? What tools do we use to make 3D art? How does the gaming industry employ 3D artists?

  • Learn to use 3D software such as Autodesk Maya
  • Become knowledgeable in the 3D production pipeline
  • Start building your 3D portfolio
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Red carpet ready* Kim Kardashian, Alexa Demie and Rihanna continuously serve make-up looks that break the internet. The red carpet is a haven of inspiration for the best glam looks.

Learn how to achieve that show-stopping, glamorous, red carpet-ready make-up in this workshop provided by Hannah Tuwanakotta. Learn how to beat your face like celebrity make-up artists do. Achieve that red-carpet ready glam that will make you the talk of the town. Break your Instagram feed! Learn the tricks of this trade and sign up now for this full-glam make-up workshop. Taught by a highly respected and well experienced make-up professional, Hannah Tuwannakota. Hannah has worked with major brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Mugler and Clarins and has even been named The Best Make-Up Artist of the Netherlands in 2010. She knows all the tricks of the trade and is very excited to share them with you.

"Camera-ready eyebrows - Eyebrows can make or break any make-up look. It’s a crucial step and has a huge effect on the final result. Learn which color and shape is a good match for you and can give you that red carpet-ready look!

Show-stopping eye make-up - Eyes are the first thing we look at. Learn how to make them stare with a glamorous eye-look that perfectly suits your face shape. This, of course, includes the right placement of false eyelashes."

Achieve that snatched face shape. High cheekbones and a chiseled jaw, properly applied contour can snatch your face and enhance your facial bone structure. Hannah will help you achieve that snatched, full-glam celebrity face structure.

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Playful Fashion Design

Starting to create your fashion designs might be intimidating; a white sheet of paper in front of you is just staring back at you. When starting with designing it is important to be aware of your aesthetics. But what are your aesthetics? During this workshop you will learn to get more aware of this and you will get an introduction in designing in an intuitive way by using collage techniques. Collage techniques will give you the ability to create fast sketches in a playful, fun and not intimidating way. The only tools you will need are; paper, scissors, glue/tape and some old magazines or newspapers.

  • Get aware of your aesthetics; what, visually, draws your attention? We will do an exercise to awaken your awareness of this.
  • Learn to think about the bigger picture instead of focusing on details
  • Get introduced to various collage techniques that will help you to design in an intuitive way that will trigger your imagination.

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