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Open Data Hack Day: Munich Edition

Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014, 08:30 Uhr-Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014, 18:00 Uhr (MESZ)

Open Data Hack Day: Munich Edition


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What is it about?

Participants are encouraged to work in teams to combine technology and journalism and produce stunning visualizations which will bring new insights into socially significant issues and develop mobile apps with focus on journalistic content and data.

Who can apply?

Students and aspiring journalists, coders and designers are more than welcome! You can come in teams or find a team on the spot. However, we encourage you to find a team in advance. Please consider the following entry criteria: 

A) Journalists:

  • You know what makes a good data-driven story.
  • You are able to formulate the main idea of your story in one sentence.
  • You know how to sell the story to an editor and to your audience.
  • You have already teamed up with coders and designers to produce journalistic content and you know what to expect from such teamwork.
  • You know that keeping your target group in mind is essential for a story.
  • You can concept not only stories, but think in terms of new media content- and data-based products.

B) Developers:

  • You are willing to create new media products (apps, visualizations) and love all things media.
  • You have experience in backend development.
  • You work with journalists and your potential audience in mind.
  • You understand how journalists and designers work.
  • You know how to explain complex technical details to journalists and designers.

C) Designers:

  • You have experience in UX, UI & frontend development.
  • You know how to visualize stories and create journalistic products.
  • You understand how journalists and coders work. 

D) Visitors:

  • You join us on the second day to watch the final presentations and talk to the participants.
  • You don't work on your own projects.

What are the prizes?

Main prizes:

1. prize - free tickets for the 2015 DLD conference in Munich
2. prize - coming soon!
3. prize - 100 euro HolidayCheck vouchers for each team member (max. 5).

Additional prizes:

Burda Intermedia Publishing / Bunte – 2 tickets for New Faces Award 2015 in Berlin
Friedrich Ebert Foundation – tickets for rhetoric workshop at Journalism Academy for every team member

Where can I see the results of the first Open Data Hack Day in Offenburg? 

You can find all the projects on the Hackerleague webiste. Here's an overview of the winning projects of the Hackday Offenburg Edition on the Hackday blog. In this Instagram feed, you can see how it felt like to participate in the first Open Data Hackday.

Where can I find more information? 

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter. Here's how it looks like.

Our sponsors and partners: 




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