NØK Panel 4: Nightlife & Sustainability

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What is NØK?

In 2019, the cultural innovation office at NEXT Mannheim established the NØK – International Night Conference.

At NØK, you will get in touch with night-time culture and economy experts as well as city administration representatives from near and far to meet, discuss and connect!

Our conference keynotes & panels will focus on the most recent and relevant developments in modern nightlife and urbanism. Because of the persisting pandemic, this year’s edition of NØK will be virtual. Nevertheless, we want to discuss how to make the night safer and more sustainable for everyone.

What are we talking about?

The climate change accelerated by us humans and the increasing gap between rich and poor will most likely lead to increasing social tension in the future.

Nightlife culture is not necessarily known for its minimal ecological footprint, but rather its ability to bring people from different social spheres together. Transforming nightclubs, live venues or festivals to be more sustainable is usually associated with high costs. People with low income are excluded from nightlife due to the increasing prices.

Together with club owners as well as music, social and ecological associations we want to discuss how to make nightlife greener, more sustainable and more accessible for everyone.


- Sacha Lord (Night Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester)

- Giacomo Botta (Professor in Urban Studies at University of Helsinki)

- Konstanze Meyer (Clubtopia)

- Speaker to be announced

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