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Get rid of your speaking anxiety. Finally receive the recognition and appreciation you deserve. Safe learning space + supportive feedback.

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Do you lack the time to travel for hours? This is why the newest Toastmasters club, Splendid Speakers, opens in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg.

To serve the members well, only 17 new members will be accepted. Further enrolment will be closed until 2020. The club will always stay small.

Sign up and join us for the Kick-off meeting!

What should you bring to the table?

* a strong desire to become a really splendid speaker

* your most lovely, jolly self, with all the creativity you can muster

* the wish to excel

* a positive attitude

* a good command of the English language. No need to be perfect! All that is necessary is that your message reaches your audience; that others can easily understand you.

* the willingness to do the work (one step at a time – at your own pace, in a safe and supportive environment)

Guests are always welcome, regardless of their English language proficiency. If your English language skills are not yet up to par, we can point you to resources and contacts that can help you to improve your English.

Regular Meetings

Meetings will take place every first and third Tuesday of the month. Meetings always start at 19:30 sharp and last no more than two hours.

Toastmasters International

Splendid Speakers is part of a worldwide network, Toastmasters International: > 14.800 clubs > 350,000 members > 143 countries. Find the links to all 12 clubs in Berlin below.

Toastmasters' online educational program, Pathways, will be the backbone of your journey to becoming a spectacular speaker. It offers 11 different educational paths, e.g."Presentation Mastery", "Dynamic Leadership" or even "Engaging Humor".

Toastmasters is a non-profit organisation.


Your membership includes:

- Two monthly meetings (rental fees)

- "Pathways" educational program

- One-time administrative registration fee to Toastmasters International

- Monthly Toastmasters magazine sent to your home

Members pay:

- 99 EUR: Initial six months of membership (incl. one-time registration fee)

- 179 EUR: One year membership (installments possible)

Invest in yourself!

Investor and multi-billionaire Warren Buffett said: "public-speaking skills instantly boost a person's value by 50 percent." That is why a Splendid Speakers membership is one of the best investments you can make. Where else can you get 2 hours worth of professional public speaking experience for less than the price of two good cups of coffee?

Join us at the kick-off meeting! Ask, if you still have questions. newmebers@splendid-speakers.co

The Founders

*We are: Claude Desroches former European champion of impromptu speaking at SpeechMentors.com, Friederike Galland, European Rhetoric Champion from Topgunspeaking.com, and Ralph Pache – a wonderful storyteller and professional photographer whom the Dutch Crown entrusts with their pictures.

About Toastmasters / testimonials

"Toastmasters is my safespace to getting on the stage and talk about topics that truly matter to me. By constant feedback from the other members I have grown into the speaker I am today. It's been a hell of a ride and I am still on my journey." Ralph Pache

"I joined Toastmasters 5 years ago. First I thought it would be a walk in the park, then it wasn't. Then I started working on my performance and gradually discovered my passion for the stage and for trying to be always a little bit better than last time. The program works. And it takes you places." Eva Goellner

"As an entrepreneur in a fast-moving business I always look for opportunities to learn and to grow. Some years ago, I visited Toastmasters and was completely blown away by the spirit and support. Besides communication and leadership skills, I learned and experienced something important about the environment people need to strive, to grow and to achieve their personal and professional goals. The obtained skills help me tremendously to present my ideas in a confident and convincing way. Oh, and it is fun, too!" Ronald Czachara

Splendid Speakers is not the only Toastmasters club in Berlin. The other English speaking Toastmasters clubs in Berlin are:

Bayer Berlin Toastmasters – corporate club, not open to the public / Center Berlin Toastmasters - close to Anhalter Bahnhof, Tue 19:30 / DB Toastmasters - Berlin – corporate club, not open to the public / First Berlin Toastmasters - close to Potsdamer Platz, Wed 18:45 / Mercury Toastmasters - close to Zoo, Wed 19:30 / Wayfair Toastmasters Berlin – corporate club, not open to the public

The German speaking Toastmasters clubs in Berlin are:

Adlershof-Toastmasters – close to S-Bhf + U-Bhf Neukölln. Mo 18:30 / Berliner Meisterredner – close to U-Bhf Wilmersdorfer Straße. Thu 19:30 / Berliner Redekünstler - close to U-Bhf Eberswalder Straße, Tue 19:30 / Spreeredner – close to Nollendorfplatz, Thu 19:00 / Steglitz Toastmasters – close to S-Bhf Feuerbachstraße / Schloßstraße, Wed 19:30

The Spanish speaking Toastmasters in Berlin meet at Berlin Habla Toastmasters – close to U-Bhf Boddinstraße, Wed 19:00

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ZENTRUM danziger50

Danziger Straße 50

10435 Berlin


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