NEW CANDYS (IT Little Cloud Records) BERLIN - Zukunft Am Ostkreuz

NEW CANDYS (IT Little Cloud Records) BERLIN - Zukunft Am Ostkreuz

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ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz

Laskerstraße 5

10245 Berlin


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Darkest of deviant rock'n'roll ethos and distinct melodic distortions, New Candys are one ofthe most important band emerged in Europe lately

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Concocted with only the darkest of deviant rock'n'roll ethos and distinct melodic distortions, New Candys are one of the most important bands to have emerged from Europe in recent years. Their hometown of Venice is subtly interwoven through a focused aesthetic, not only sonically produced, but curated in their album artworks. With many years on the road internationally, New Candys have done several tours around Europe, North America and Australia

‘Vyvyd’ follows up on the widely acclaimed third album ‘Bleeding Magenta’ which saw them tour non-stop across Europe, United Kingdom, North America and Australia. This album, which will be their fourth, is the first record made by the line-up of Fernando Nuti, Andrea Volpato, Alessandro Boschiero and Dario Lucchesi. It was recorded at Fox Studio in Venice, Italy by Andrea Volpato and mixed and mastered by Grammy Award producers Tommaso Colliva (Calibro 35, The Jesus And Mary Chain) and Giovanni Versari respectively.

‘Vyvyd’ is their fourth album and concentrates on vocal melodies, has more choruses and includes electronic elements that have significantly expanded their sonic palette making it more vast, rich and fuller than ever before. “We also looked for a danceable element this time, that’s something we’ve always loved and wanted to explore further”. In a way it shares similarities with their debut album, featuring contrasting moments from one extreme to another, with some eerie and penetrating but also intimate and melancholic songs.

The album’s visual and lyrical themes are carefully crafted with both hidden and subliminal messages. “Of course we’re influenced by our own personal lives and the world around us, but we have always considered our music to be devoted and connected to visions and images, inspired by dreams and nightmares rather than reality, so ‘Vyvyd’ is a reference to this aspect. Vivid memories, vivid colors, sonically speaking our ideas and goals are clearer than ever”.

The artwork goes hand in hand with the music and the lyrics “This record has its own mythology. We played with religious, pagan and archetypal symbols, which have been distorted through our lens. If we had to sum up the album in one concept it would be the contradiction of light: God/good is often represented with a bright glow, whilst Lucifer, the personification of evil, means light-bearer. We’ve been inspired by the visionary cinema of Kenneth Anger and Alejandro Jodorowsky among others”.

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