NAXATRAS live p.m.k Innsbruck


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NAXATRAS live p.m.k Innsbruck

Naxastras is back in Austra!

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PMK 18-20 Viaduktbogen 6020 Innsbruck Austria

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Presented by POISON FOR SOULS and hosted by Antidote


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Naxatras is a hard psychedelic rock band from Greece. They play a warm psychedelia full of fat grooves, dreamy melodies, heavy riffs and trippy guitar solos all with the vintage touch of the 70's.

The band has developed a reputation for high-energy live performances, combining elements of psychedelic/progressive rock, stoner, funk, jazz, electronic and eastern music with a trippy video wall to accomplish full stimulation of the senses. They have went on numerous tours and performed in most European countries, including distinguished festivals such as Desertfest, Ozora and Dunajam and a tour in Australia.

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