Moms and Moms to be Meet Up

Moms and Moms to be Meet Up

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Kiwi Chiropractic Düsseldorf

Carlsplatz 18

Kiwi Chiropractic

40213 Düsseldorf


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Moms, Moms to be. Meet up, chat, connect.

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'It is hard to meet other mothers and pregnant women these days' - was a comment from a practice member at Kiwi Chiropractic. We want to put on an event to help solve this problem and have fun and learn something along the way.

  • Conversation with one of our Chiropractors ( @kiwichiropractic ) on the topic of how to look after your and your babys spines in the first 2 years of life.
  • Conversation with Birth Doula Kaity Fox ( @foxandcubdoula ) as to the hormonal changes after birth and what to do about it.
  • Meet and Greet with other pregnant women / mothers.

Location is at our practice in Carlsplatz. We are happy to speak German, English or Portuguese.

Feedback - 'It is so great to have a positive, safe space to be able to talk about these topics.'

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