Mind the Mobility Gap #3 - Sustainable Mobility


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We Got You, Mother Earth!

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From soap to reusable cutlery, green products are overwhelmingly marketed to and bought by women; is it the same case in mobility? We'll let you be the judge of that after hearing from two leaders in the sustainable mobility industry. In this month's webinar, we talk about the challenges and opportunities for moving sustainable mobility forward.

According to a CIVITAS study published this year, women are recognised as being more likely to adopt sustainable travel behaviours than men. (Well done, ladies! 👏🏽 ) Their research also tells us that, compared to men, women's values tend to be more environmentally focused: women have more positive views of speed limits and congestion fees, for example. Why might this be? One interesting reason is that gender differences in socio-economic and demographic conditions prevent women from owning and using cars at the same rate that men do.

So, we decided it was time to hear from some trailblazing women in sustainable mobility - join us for Part III of out Mind the Mobility Gap webinar series next week!

Topic : Sustainable mobility 🌿

Date : Thursday, 26 November 2020

Time : 18:00 - 19:00 CET


Monica Araya is Lead for Transport at Climate Champions. As a clean mobility advocate (check out her recent TED talk here), she was also selected to join the first all-female expedition to Antarctica due to her commitment to advance climate solutions.

Christina Bu is Secretary General at the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association. With over 80,000 members, Norwegian EV is the world's largest driver of electric vehicle adoption. She is an expert and advocate on clean mobility, electric vehicles, and charging infrastructure.

So, is green the new pink?

You might find out next week 😉

Stay safe, healthy, and... green!

With joy,

Your Women of TIER

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