LEADING AWESOME - Your 1st session (in english)

LEADING AWESOME - Your 1st session (in english)

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Get your seat for the first session of your open LEADING AWESOME cohort

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  • Location: Online with MS Teams
  • Price: For the open cohorts we have a give-back-per-value approach which means you can give back what you want and how much you want. This can be money, recommendations, becoming a guide for another cohort, etc. You can decide this at the end of your program and we are looking forward to your creativity.
  • Date: see event (every first Thursday of the month the open cohorts start)
  • Minimum 3 participants, maximum 6 participants

LEADING AWESOME is more than "just" a compact and efficient program to increase your leadership skills:

  • Sometimes you are very lonely in your position as a leader and would appreciate targeted exchange and collegial support.
  • Sometimes you are at the end of your rope as a manager or have the feeling that you are running into walls. Then you wish for some good impulses, new tools and recommendations from practice.
  • Sometimes individual coaching and the flood of webinars or TED talks are no alternative and you would like to increase your learning curve together with other experienced people.

Therefore, become part of the LEADING AWESOME community:

  • Take your leadership development and career opportunities into your own hands.
  • Expand your network of colleagues while you receive valuable impulses and feedback.
  • Become more aware of your leadership strengths and leadership success.
  • Develop your authentic leadership style and competencies in a self-motivated way.
  • You can learn here more about what Leading Awesome is or join our LinkedIn group

The participation includes

  1. Matching with other leaders or individuals into a cohort
  2. Initiating the kick-off of your cohort with a cohort guide
  3. 6 Playbooks - one for each session - with the option to reuse them personally for yourself. Sharing, lending to others, and any reproduction - even in excerpts - is not permitted.
  4. Certificate of attendance upon completion of the 6th session.
  5. Access to the extended Leading Awesome community with many contacts, events, discounts and exclusive events.

If you or your company wants to use LEADING AWESOME inhouse for leadership development, to integrate it into behavioral or cultural change initiatives or to use it as an enabler for top talent programs please feel free to contact us for customization possibilities.


The first session of the cohort will take place at the date and time indicated and is scheduled for 2 hours.

  • You will receive the dial-in link a few days before the session.
  • The first 30 minutes will consist of a short get-to-know-you session and cohorts will be formed. You can choose with whom you want to form a cohort.
  • Afterwards, the first session with your cohort will take place in 90 minutes. You will receive the LEADING AWESOME PLAYBOOK and will be supported by a cohort guide.

The first session will take place online via Microsoft Teams.

  • The cohort will then decide on the further dates, modalities (online, hybrid, f2f) and technology themselves during the first session.
  • The second session should take place within two weeks of the first in order to create a confidential group atmosphere. The cohort guide will point this out again.
  • Preliminary work is not necessary.
  • Those who wish can look at assessment or feedback results (e.g. MBTI, 360-degree feedback, etc.) that have been received before. Additionally, materials from the respective company (e.g. leadership guidelines or competency models) can be used.

Withdrawal or illness

  • In case of illness, you can join or change to a next cohort at a later date.
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LEADING AWESOME - Your 1st session (in english): Bild
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