Leadership is leading yourself

Leadership is leading yourself

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Leadership is leading yourself

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The general understanding

The leader leads the organization. That means, he is not the organization, he is outside, different from the system.

We know

All elements of the organization belong to it. The leader is an inseparable part of it. That means: The leader should lead himself.

How does self-leadership work when it is about leading others?

The Workshop

Stephanie Hartung has invited Nikos Vayiakaos to present with him the dimensions of systemic leadership – not least from a constructivist and a phenomenological perspective.

The participants will learn about the systemic approach to leadership, understand the decisive difference to common leadership models and experience the possibilities that come with that in organizational constellations.

The workshop offers the possibility to meet Stephanie and Nikos and to dive into one of the 5 key aspects of their OCTO2324, the Organisational Constellations Training Online that they will offer from Jan 2023-Nov 2024

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