ISI 2021 - eXpress Your Research Workshop

ISI 2021 - eXpress Your Research Workshop

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International Symposium on Information Science (ISI)

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Participation in this virtual event is free of charge. Please use eventbrite to register for the eXpress Your Research Workshop.


As complexity increases, so does the challenge of successfully communicating scientific research approaches and results. The ability to communicate science is especially crucial when it comes to leveraging acquired knowledge and developed technologies and putting them into practice.The workshop enables scientists to communicate their research in a generally understandable and to the point way and to present it using design-based methods. The transformation of (theoretical) research topics, questions and solution approaches into design prototypes opens up new perspectives and makes it possible to make ideas and solution approaches comprehensible to non-specialist actors at an early stage of research. The scientists learn to ask the right questions to their research and the other participants and receive valuable feedback.


Further training in individual science communication for scientists: How does one communicate one’s own research in a generally understandable way and become linguistically capable for a wide variety of target groups?

Target group

PhD students from various disciplines which ideally already have first results.

Content of this workshop

  • Transfer opportunities
  • Storytelling to communicate one’s own research
  • Prototyping (also for theoretical research)
  • Exercises in interdisciplinary groups: Communication strategies, transfer or exploitation possibilities the individual research topics.

Benefits for scientists

  • Getting to know methods for creating haptic prototypes (also for theoretical research)
  • Getting to know creative techniques for daily work
  • Developing successful storytelling for communicating your own research
  • Feedback from research and practice
  • Enabling the exchange with society, politics and economy about the own research

Benefits for research organization

  • Scientists are sensitized to the communication of their research and are able to communicate this to business representatives and society
  • Improved exchange with other stakeholders can initiate business collaborations, uncover unrecognized utilization options, and promote cross-innovation
  • The objects promote exchange within the research organization and stimulate discussion

Additional information

  • Registration is possible until Friday 5.11.
  • Worksheets and preparation instructions will be provided via e-mail
  • Workshop will be held in German