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Introductory Systemic Constellations Training | Online on Zoom

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$4 – $120

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Introductory Training for Systemic Theory and Systemic Constellation Work. From the home country of the founder Bert Hellinger.

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This training is a basic introduction into the principles and the practical work of systemic theory and systemic constellation work.

It is an ongoing training, which takes place once a month. You can join anytime and you can sign up only for those individual sessions that you like to join.

It is a training for beginners in the systemic work, and for those who like to study or repeat the underlying theory. I also offer workshops for advanced learners.

Compared to other constellation trainings I will focus on the basic principles and dynamics of systemic constellation. I call it the “bread and butter work”. It may feel a little less spiritual than the work I got to know in the USA mostly, inclining more to a European (German) view on constellation, that is a little more client-centered, therapeutic, counseling, looking back to the lives of the ancestors, before looking forward. Trying to see what is, and maybe even leaving it there for a while, before finding a solution in a next step, or in a next constellation, to a later time.

Nonetheless the circle that we create is always open both to the Earth and to the Sky. The field flows through it as it wishes.

Each session consists of a teaching element, a lecture, and a systemic constellation that I facilitate, if a participant asks for an individual constellation (only then). The session might expand a little longer then.

There will be 12 lectures, and once the 12 lectures are completed, the circle starts anew. So you can join anytime, for as long as you like.

Due to coverage of time zones, there will be two rows of workshops, one on every second Saturday in the month at 6pm CET, and one on every fourth Sunday in the month at 6am CET. (This is one day earlier in the US!) Each session will be presented twice, once in both rows. You can come to any of these dates. The content of the 12 sessions is listed below.

Each session consists of a teaching element, a lecture, and a systemic constellation that I facilitate, if a participant asks for an individual constellation (only then). The session might expand a little longer then.

The fee for joining a session is $ 10.-. There is a small additional fee that Eventbrite takes.

There is a reduced fee, $ 4.-, and a higher fee, $ 16.-, plus eventbrite fee, respectively. Please chose your fee according to your circumstances and, or, according to the corner of the world you live in, if your country is regarded a rich or a poor country in the world.

If you would like to have a constellation in one of these workshops, I ask you to have an online consulting session with me in advance, so I can get to know you and your story. The fee for both the consulting session and the constellation is $ 120.-, plus Eventbrite fee.

I may offer a reduced fee for the constellation, please reach out to me in case you were in need of a reduced fee.

The workshop will be based on the teachings of Bert Hellinger, and we will work with his book ‘Love's Hidden Symmetry’. You might want to get a copy of it for yourself as well.

We will also work with the books:

  • Family Constellations. Basic Principles and Procedures by Jakob Robert Schneider
  • What's Out of Order Here? Illness and Family Constellations by Ilse Kutschera

There will be recordings of the lecture part of the sessions. The participants, their questions and the constellations will not be recorded.

Sometimes I will let participants do some small breakout room work.

I may offer participants the opportunity to do a constellation with a client of them in the session with my supervision of the process. To this endeavor I would need to know the participants a little longer.

My advanced learner’s workshops are constellation workshops where we do constellations with clients. If you would like to come to these, please ask yourself: would I regard myself as advanced in the field of constellation work, have I stood as representative in constellations rather frequently already, have I had a couple of first constellations for myself yet.

The workshop for advanced learners I offer together with my wife, Antonia Stessl-Heilmeier, who will join us as a guest during some of the introductory workshops

For recordings of the sessions please contact me via rotger.heilmeier@gmail.com. The recordings are available at the price of $ 10.-, per session. You can only rent them over the time of a month, a download of the video is not included in the price.

At the moment, recordings are available for the sessions: session 1;

Content of the sessions

Session 1 • Introduction to what I intend to do during the series. Conscience and feelings of guilt and innocence 1. The unconscious, transference

recording available

Session 2• Conscience and feelings of guilt and innocence 2. Bonds, order, balance 1

recording available

Session 3 • Man and Woman 1

dates: July 25 6am CEST and August 7 6pm CEST (same content in both sessions, a repetition on August 7)

Session 4 • Man and Woman 2, Parents and children 1

dates: August 29 6am CEST and September 18 6pm CEST (same content in both sessions, a repetition on September 18)

Session 5 • Parents and children 2

Session 6 • Entanglement and resolution

Session 7 • Emotions, primary and secondary emotions

Session 8 • Personal trauma, systemic trauma, movement of the soul

Session 9 • The constellation process

Session 10 • The role of the therapist

Session 11 • Working with symptoms

Session 12 • Getting started

Content that I intend to address throughout the course:

What is an entanglement? What is the unconscious, what is transference, and how does it affect me really? What formats are there in constellation work? The role of representatives? Taking the client into the constellation? Moving the representatives, movement of the soul? Emotions, primary and secondary emotions. How does a constellation work? What is conflict? Right to belong, who belongs, how are we bound to a group? Consequences of exclusion. Working with the intention, and with a representative for the intention. Working with hypotheses and hypotheses confirmation through the field. Working with sentences of bonds and sentences of resolution. Working with a genogram. Working with symptoms and disease. Working with abortion. Working with victims and perpetrators in the own ancestral lineage. Working with death. Acknowledging what is, listening to the field. Not knowing what to do. Slowing down the process. Difficulties in practice groups. Trauma. Supervision.

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Rotger Heilmeier,, Psychologist (M.A.) has studied with some of Germany’s premier Family Constellations facilitators, including Dr. Ilse Kutschera, a student of Bert Hellinger’s, and Helmut Eichenmüller. In the U.S., he was also trained by Francesca Mason Boring, a bicultural woman and member of the Western Shoshone Tribe, who developed constellations as a ceremony. He received further training by Emily Blefeld and Dan Cohen.

Rotger skillfully brings together classic family constellation principles with his gift of intuitive, spiritual and shamanic practices. He invites the powers of solving hindrances and healing that a circle and a field of people can create, for the help of the clients, for all who attend the circle, as a ritual and as a prayer for the greater good.

Rotger also offers homeopathic counseling.

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