Inner Leadership Compass Course - Thrive from the Inside Out



Inner Leadership Compass Course - Thrive from the Inside Out

A Female Transformation Journey to write your next chapter in life and career. Burn, without burning out with impact and joy.

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So., 17. Sep. 2023 07:00 - So., 24. Sep. 2023 10:30 PDT




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As a leader, women and mom we are intrinsically creating a better world every day - not for ourselves but for everyone around us and next generations to come. This program is designed to strengthen YOU from the inside out, to prevent you from burning out and that you shine your light even stronger in this next chapter of your life!

This Female Inner Leadership Transformation Course is tailor-made for working moms urging for change. It's a powerful step-by-step framework for focusing, changing negative habits, making critical choices and bringing plans to life. It helps you to find your Inner Leadership Compass and re-engineers a landscape of success.

It will be an inspiring and interactive workshop with moments of deep personal reflection, as well as fun and feeling of belonging.

After attending this program, you strengthened your Inner Compass knowing your personal values, purpose and vision. You developed the road-map for a new chapter in your life.

Are YOU a working mom who has big goals and dreams but are stopped by these reasons?

• Pursuing your dream job or leadership-role seems impossible without neglecting your family

• You know it's time to focus on your health and hobbies that you want to pursue but can’t because you feel to exhausted.

• No matter how much you try to organize your time to accommodate career and family, you still can’t find a way to balance.

• You are in any kind of transformation or change process like coming back from parental leave or looking for a new job?

• You give your best to deliver excellent results at work but you are always overseen for the next project or promotion, that self-doubt and inner judgement for not being enough is coming up

We have all been there AND we learned to balance personal and professional life while unleashing our true potential and vision.

A promotion, returning after maternity leave, feeling stressed or overwhelmed, urging for (a new) direction, search for your unique purpose …there are many reasons why women around the world joined us in the past.

And it was amazing to see them leave with fire in their eyes, the strength and direction ready to live life with passion and the roadmap to make things happen.

Write a new chapter by finding your inner compass!

This female leadership programs addresses the specif?ic requirements of moms in leadership positions trying to juggle it all every day. It is based on the Self-Managing Leadership (SML) Programm with almost one million participants having discovered their values, vision and purpose. They are proving that it is possible to enjoy professional AND personal success, find your inner compass and walk your path.

The world needs great women! The world needs YOU!

This powerful step-by-step framework is quick and straight-forward for a great impact for you as a person, your personal and professional life in a short time.

Just go for it!

You will reflect on your personal and professional life so far, draw from these learnings and define your unique path forward build on your values, talents, passion and purpose including a strong vison for the future.

We include teachings paired with personal reflections, inspirational nuggets & videos and group exchange to go one layer deeper and learn from each-other.

You will leave this workshop with an action plan based on your goals and strategies which will not put more on you, but rather be sharpened wit focus what matters most.

As a leader AND mom the requirements and expectations are high. Your days are more than full. During bad days, there is self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and you feel torn between family and professional career.

We get you - that is why we addressed this female inner leadership programs specificly to the requirements of moms in business and leadership positions trying to juggle it all every day.

The group exchange with global working moms is a key for the success of this workshop. Building a network outside of your ecosystem can change your career path tremendously - and build friendships for the years to come.

This step-by-step framework will help you to focus, changing negative habits, making critical choices and bringing plans to life. You also will learn how to influence change at the individual, team and organisation level.

An innovative, cutting-edge and fun virtual journey. Pormise: without the Zoom-fatigue as it is highly interactive.

We start Sunday, September, 17th, continue on Tuesday 19th, Thursday21st and end Sunday 24th

Each session will run from 4PM - 7:30 PM CET (7am-10.30am PST) and we hghly recommend to schedule all sessions in your calendar as it is not a teaching but rather deep individual refelction build on exchange.

Don't worry about your english skills as we will have many not native speakers and we do our best to match you with another mom from your country for the exchange part.

Space is limited to ensure we hold the space for all of you individual and meaningsful.

For further questions, shot us an email any time:


We have been there, as leader, woman and mom. We know the pain, we know the gain.

And with all our talent, expertise and heart we are eager to inspire you and your female trailblazer to step up and lean in to accelerate a sustainable future for yourself, your entity and society.

Yours, Eve & Maren

PS: In case you rather go through the program in Person we offer also dates in Düsseldorf in May, Salzburg in June and San Francisco in July.

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