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Five teams - five pitches. Let's change the world!

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Up to 66 students and young thinkers have been selected to join this competition and form up to 14 teams.

Read more about the bootcamp: https://techquartier.com/impact_challenge/

The talents started their journey on March 1. They learned from our experts about sustainability, coding, and how to properly set up a business case. Every week they had the chance to work on their pitches and increase their presentation and selling skills.

On March 1, five teams could prevail among 14 teams based on their idea creation and pitch.

These five teams have since gotten coached in pitching and custom design.

Now, 8 weeks later the final stage of the Impact Challenge has arrived. The five selected teams are eager to show YOU their sustainable ideas the world needs.

The main goal of our program is to help young people from around the world develop ideas into products that help society. These global solutions should benefit a need identified by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The focus of this program is to establish a sustainable business model and build a prototype, which is ready to be presented to investors and business leaders during the Impact Festival in September.

The teams can win in each category:

- Most Sustainable Impact

- Best Business Model

- Best Technical Implementation

Are you ready?

In cooperation with: Impact Festival

Supported by: Finance in Motion, equensWorldline and KFW

Technical Partner: SAP

You can also sign up for Impact Connect - the matchmaking event. With this ticket you can expand your experience and get access to a full day of input about sustainability such as keynotes, networking and finally the Demo Day of the Impact Challenge.

Get your ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/impact-connect-matchmaking-day-tickets-147801866361

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