Human Spaces Think + Drink N°4: HOSPITALITY SPACES

Human Spaces Think + Drink N°4: HOSPITALITY SPACES

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Think + Drink N°4: HOSPITALITY SPACES with Anna Sundukova

In a world of rapidly changing lifestyles, hospitality needs to change as well. Once reserved for the affluent, people are guests in almost every domain of life today – such as hotels, co-working or co-living spaces, or gyms. With this ubiquity, hospitality spaces need to be tailored to human needs and lifestyles in order to thrive, and integrate ‘soft factors’ beyond a floor plan. A human-centric approach forms the basis of a great hospitality experience. In this talk, Anna will shed light on how to decode people’s needs for developing new hospitality concepts. Sharing three overarching trends, she illuminates what drives the hospitality industry today.

About the speaker

Anna Sundukova is a freelance experience designer, product strategist, design thinking consultant and facilitator, who works on creating entire experience ecosystems centered around human needs, wishes and desires, navigating between the aesthetics of a space, frameworks for community building or UX flows of an app. Always having been passionate about space-related products, she worked for a number of new generation hospitality concepts. She is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and Hyper Island, having studied Architecture and Digital Experience Design respectively.

About the HUMAN SPACES series

In a world where cities are planned from a bird’s eye view and buildings are subject to maximum efficiency, environments fall short of their original purpose: to serve humans. Whether used for work, study, living or recreation, Human Spaces are environments that purposefully support or inhibit behaviors and either enhance or diminish experiences.

The HUMAN SPACES series aims to sharpen the human perspective in the built environment and help to conceive, plan and build spaces with function, meaning, and soul.

Together, we want to explore methods, implications, and innovations that bring a more human-centered perspective into the built environment. We want to spark conversations, create new insights and kindle the flame.

Each Think + Drink session is dedicated to a specific human environment. We start with an inspiring talk and follow up with an exercise to dive into the topic before starting an open discussion. About half of the time is dedicated to informal drinks, exchange and tying new connections.

Human Spaces Think + Drink is initiated by Alexandra Uzunoğlu, Director of Strategy at Brandlab, and Christian Vatter, Founder of Rlevance.

You can find all previous HUMAN SPACES talks on video at

Keep creating better spaces!