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HR Masterclass Special: Behavioral interviewing & candidate experience design

Lisantix GmbH

Mittwoch, 28. August 2019, 14:30 Uhr-Donnerstag, 29. August 2019, 18:30 Uhr (MESZ)

HR Masterclass Special: Behavioral interviewing &...


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HR is not what it used to be …

… and that's alright! Instead of just managing contracts, HR professionals now have to establish themselves as project managers, psychologists, marketers, brand ambassadors, coaches, and mentors, all at once. Though daunting, we see this as an exciting evolution of the role, in that HR professionals can fully reach new heights in their potential. However, the pace of HR training and education has not kept up with those changing needs. Lisantix closes this gap with HR Masterclasses, deep dives into the topics that really matter for the HR professional today.

In our  Masterclass, we focus on two essential topics that are often overlooked: conducting behavior-based interviews and creating a candidate experience that delights and encourages potential hires to stick around. 


That's how our masterclasses work:

In each Masterclass, we spend one and a half days with a relevant topic in the Employee Lifecycle, working with practical approaches to recruiting, onboarding, and personnel development, which can then be directly implemented in-house.

Our Masterclass goes deep into behavior-based interviews: we teach effective questioning techniques, then learn to apply them through role-playing games in order to gain experience evaluating interview responses.

After the interview skills workshop, we turn our attention to redesigning the ‘candidate experience’ - something no company should ignore. While process-driven approaches to HR  help us to stay organized, in an increasingly complex working world, our processes should be similarly dynamic and responsive to the needs of our applicants. In the second part of our Masterclass (led by coach and facilitator James Fish), we will learn how to empathize with our candidates using methods from Design Thinking, a ‘human-centric’ problem-solving methodology that will give us a new perspective on redesigning the candidate experience.



Your facilitators:

Katrin Müller:


She studied Business Administration at Berlin School of Economics & Law and gained HR experience in the Berlin Startup-Scene at successful companies such as #DailyDeal and eCareer as well as in corporate environments such as #Google or a steelworks company. In 2015, she joined the company builders #HitFox Group and #FinLeap, where she hired up to 200 experts per year and supported the launch of 9 AdTech and FinTech companies.

As part of her role as Head of People & Organisation of Finleap she was responsible to develop suitable HR strategies and procedures for different ventures and also managed several relocations- and visa-cases for high-potential international employees. She scouted and hired Co-founder teams and established a first top management team for startups. Driven by her passion for connecting between talent opportunities and her passion for the startup-and tech-scene, she founded Lisantix (http://www.lisantix.com).


James Fish:

As a design thinking coach and facilitator, James trains teams in methods that boost creativity, improve team communication and encourage mindful, collaborative interactions and processes. He also coaches regularly at the HPI d.School and HPI Academy in Potsdam, guiding students and professionals in immersive design thinking projects from 3-day to 14-week programs.

In our master class, James will teach how to change perspectives while designing candidate-centered people processes with the goal that every participant will leave with an own customized draft of a compelling candidate experience program, ready to implement in the own organization.



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Zeit und Ort

Bergmannstraße 54
10961 Berlin

Mittwoch, 28. August 2019, 14:30 Uhr-Donnerstag, 29. August 2019, 18:30 Uhr (MESZ)

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Lisantix GmbH

Lisantix is a digital agency with a vision to enable digital businesses to build their own sustainable and healthy work culture.

Our mission is to support our clients with the necessary mindset-shift facing digital transformation and help them build a work culture that encourages personal and business growth at the same time.

Our values: 

We deliver meaningful solutions to companies to create a sustainable and healthy work culture supported by smart technology and a human touch.

We help our clients to keep up with the fast changes in digital work cultures.

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We provide sustainable solutions to help clients create a work culture that supports their business growth at any stage.

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