How to transform Stress into Energy? Get the power of your body

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How to transform Stress into Energy? based on Leadership Embodiment Method

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Boost your energy to focus on what matters most to you!

Use Your Stress & Transform it into Energy

🙌what do you practice?

Be carried away by your daily stress and feel drained at the end of the day

OR Be aware & shift your daily stress to gain more energy for what important to you ?

💪 Yes, we can choose to practice


We all have stress, more that we can think of!

We can fight against it, tell ourself: 'I don't want to have stress', 'next time this client will contact me, I won't get stressed', 'when this is over, then I will have less stress'....

It is easier said than done, right? 

What I want to share with you is:

Use Your Stress & Transform it into Energy!


In our body lies a big power.

Through our body posture, we can change the way we think and field, and how others perceive us.

What do you get from this 3 hours workshop?

-empower yourself with your own stress

- get simple, yet powerful tools - to be easily integrated into your daily life and make a change immediately

- practice with real life situations

- hands-on exercises alone, in pair and group (zoom break out session)

- learn and experiment to access the flow state, be more creative, increase (self-) confidence

- Cultivate 3 leadership competences: inclusiveness (be heard, get your message across, be inspirational, get people involved and motivated), centered listening (take criticism in a constructive manner), take action (speaking up even against opposition)

When? Where?

Saturday November 14th from 10-1 pm (Berlin - CEST Time) - online zoom session -

What’s needed?

Your full attention, openess and curiosity 

Testimonials – Key Take Aways

💥‘Very inspiring – simple & impactful‘. Veronika Ulbort. Germany

💥‘I loved your webinar and I could feel your great energy. Thank YOU for sharing such simple but valuable tricks to embed stress. It is the perfect time to apply it.’ Flavia Sartori. Brazil

💥‘I can change my emotions through my body posture’. Angelle. Hong Kong

💥‘I have never heard about this before. Interesting to apply in some situations, especially the short centering practice can be helpful when I am in the middle of something which needs my full attention and is stressful.’ Julien Lab. France

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