How to become German in 61.2 minutes? -


How to become German in 61.2 minutes? -

This English comedy show will show you how to act like a real German. In just one hour!

Von Comedy Club Munich

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Sa., 17. Juni 2023 18:00 - 19:00 CEST


Shamrock Pub Trautenwolfstraße 6 80802 München Germany


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Mel Kelly will show you how Germans go about their daily lives – at work, on the train and at doctor’s visits.

The Germans are famous for their sausage, their beer and their cars. National stereotypes also include punctuality, (too much) honesty and much more. These will all be covered, and indeed, some less well-known (darker) German secrets will be revealed, too!

Mel Kelly came from Ireland to Munich in 2003. In just over 15 years, he became a full German citizen. Mel will show you how to do the same in a mere 60 minutes.

About Mel Kelly

Mel Kelly moved from Ireland to Munich to work as an IT consultant in 2003 and discovered his passion for comedy in the hotbed of international comedy, Germany!

He is the founder of three comedy clubs in Munich, a best-selling author and an award-winning speaker.

Come along, be entertained and have a laugh. Find out how to become German in the shortest, and funniest, way possible.


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Comedy Club Munich

The Comedy Club Munich presents mixed stand-up comedy shows in English and German.
Every 10 minutes there is another comedian on stage.

The Stand-up Comedy-Show is 50% in English and 50% in German.

Each show is unique and brings a lot of fun.

The latest show "How to become German in 61.2 minutes?" is a solo show with Mel Kelly.

This is an English Comedy-Show.


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