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Holistic Group Dialogue

A space for collective inquiry and exploration, transcending our psychological structures in real-time with absolutely no expertise.

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Beyond the above subtitle of a definition lies nothing but speculation and interpretation of what one sees in the here and now; all that is open for a fundamentally fresh look in an HD. Because whatever is present with me/ us could be nothing more than the past reproducing itself, hence, limited and not the whole.

To dialogue is to face yourself instantly, understanding, in general, anew each moment.

It is vital for friendship, that immeasurable quality, to be present from the beginning. Because then, the act of judgment and measurement (what stifles the living in relationship and oneself) ends up exposed and eventually gone through and beyond. Normally in judgement, comparison, measurement, etc., creative space is so scarce if ever present at all. And for dialogue creativity is necessary because creativity is essential for a healthy living. Otherwise we exaggerate and end up losing our sensitivity.

This is why we are here, to understand what it actually means to be sensitive, alive, vibrant.


  • To discover the common ground between the group members.
  • To explore the limitation of human communication and to potentially go beyond it.
  • To understand the process of thinking and thought and how limiting it can be to relationship and creative work.
  • To go into what it means to be listening in the here-and-now rather than reflecting on theories or deriving meaning from a reflection on previous experience.
  • To see what happens when listening is its own action.


One of things that makes HD different is the deep understanding of thought and thinking. Traditionally we overlook the fact that we live our lives through the dominant thought process and so we do not question it. The lacking of this foundational understanding hinders and breaks down the dialogue, breaks down the flow of living. Here is where the facilitator's role comes in: to clarify what is going on and what might need to be paid attention to. Having said that, the facilitator's role is not fixed as an HD is not run by roles.

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Holistic Dialogue is a type of conversation that goes beyond the everyday particular mind to discover and uncover whatever needs to be addressed at this point and time, which could range from the dynamic of interpersonal relationship, the communication of real world problems and the exploration of areas beyond human conflict, such as creativity and the evolution of man. This is not a discussion or a debate, but it is an ever-changing form of communication and learning that is new to most of us - and it is factually new every time in its undertaking, which gives it the potential for transforming our consciousness and pattern-making habits.

At some points during an HD, potential harmony could be recognized as therapeutic and evolutionary by the participants, yet the dialogue is not limited to that nor does it aim for it. It is an ever-moving process that goes beyond any expectation and assumed need of the individual and the group. Holistic Dialogue is a way of approaching learning anew every time

The following reading and listening material could be of help:

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