Heating and cooling planning made easy - HOTMAPS online training 06-07/2020


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In the training you will learn to use the HOTMAPS database & toolbox to analyse future heating and cooling scenarios for cities and regions

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Heating and cooling in residential and industrial sectors accounts for half of the EU’s energy consumption, but more than 80% of this energy is still generated from fossil fuels. Meanwhile, heat losses are also significantly high. This sector needs to be transformed!

HOTMAPS is a website, which allows you to provide within 5 minutes a first estimation of heating and cooling demand in your region and the potentials of local renewable energy to cover this demand. By using more detailed data, thanks to its calculation modules, you can elaborate comprehensive heating and cooling strategies.

What we offer is an open source online software that supports planning processes of the energy sector on the local level in a transparent manner, thanks to: a starting data set, customisations of the software for your specific needs, as well as training and support services.

We applied and demonstrated the values of Hotmaps in seven pilot areas. The software was developed by leading research institutions across Europe together with cities. Go on the website and discover your city’s climate neutral energy future.

Between 29th June and 17th July the Hotmaps team is organising a training on the HOTMAPS database and toolbox in English language. It will consist of a mix of ...

  • live sessions / webinars (introduction at the beginning and wrap up at the end)
  • videos explaining the data, the platform and the exercises
  • exercises to be performed by the participants based on spreadsheets and explanatory documents
  • online support sessions with a trainer (optional)

A detailed agenda of the training is shown in the figures below.

The training will be for free! In case all training materials are uploaded and the questionnaires are filled out the participants will receive a training certificate.

For further questions please get in contact with Marcus Hummel (hummel@e-think.ac.at).

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