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Healthy Back & the Franklin Method - Online (Rückenschule)

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Take time after your daily work to take care of your back!

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Do you have back pain? Do you sit in a chair all day? Do you have a wrong posture? Then, this is the right class for you!

A series of exercises strengthening the back and core muscles, relieving any back pain, and preventing spinal injuries. The session is suitable for people experiencing back pain or wanting to prevent any future injuries. We will also work on relaxing the muscles and improving the flexibility.

In order to improve the condition of your body and muscles, it is important to regularly do exercises. The lack of exercises leads to the replacement of muscle cell volume with nonfunctional connective tissue, which causes various problems with the advancing age.

One Healthy Back session per week would not only lower the chances of back injuries now, but also prevent major heath problems in the future. Moreover, the class will bring you an awareness for the correct posture and teach you methods to deal with office work requiring long sitting hours.

Intensity of the exercises will vary according to the students. No age restriction!

Generally suitable for people with some back issues - please write to me directly to let me know what your condition is. Suitable for both men and women.

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