GEC Executive Innovation Dialogue

GEC Executive Innovation Dialogue

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The topics of sustainability and circular economy are set - The Green Deal is the compass for all future activities.

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The paint and coatings industry is on the move: new raw materials, new recipes, new processes. Looking at bio-based raw materials, automation and digitization will become an integral part for everyone involved. This applies to raw material suppliers as well as manufacturers and users.

The path to more sustainability and recycling will not always be straightforward, the matter is complex, especially since paints are also exposed to the environment and abrasion occurs. It is all the more important to exchange ideas at an early stage, to talk about innovations - especially from startups - and to discuss new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The GEC Executive Innovation Dialogue Coatings brings decision-makers into a regular roundtable discussion, about impulses from other areas as a think tank, and in order to form a mutually supportive, trusting community that exchanges ideas about sustainable innovations.

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