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Garrett T. Capps

Garrett T. Capps

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Garrett T. Capps

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Garrett T. Capps

NASA country singer/songwriter Garrett T. Capps released his third studio album "All Right, All Night" in August of 2019 via Shotgun House Records. Drawing inspiration from the Texas culture he grew up around, the San Antonio-based artist delivers a distinct collection of songs rife with expansive modular synth arrangements, old world twang and visceral ruminations on life, death, love and religi-on. Capps has spent most of 2020 working on new material with with his kraut-country outfit, NASA COUNTRY, who will be alongside him on this tour. Expect an intergalactic fiesta.

The album, released August 20219, kicks off with the title track - a propulsive mix of classic country sensibilities, atmospheric Americana and conflations about the intense mysteries of dreams and journeys in to the subconscious. "all right, all night" is the second album installment of the "In The Shadows Trilogy" ¡viva!

Sadly we've to postpone the 2021 tourdate into 2022. The good news is we can expect the 3rd and last album of this triology with the new dates that will take place in May and June 2022:

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