Free Introduction to Mental-Fitness

Free Introduction to Mental-Fitness

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Mental Fitness - How to develop the three most important mental muscles to be successful and happy in difficult times.

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We all want to be physically fit, right? There are numerous exercise apps that people use every day to work their body.

But what about our mental fitness? Isn’t it true that we are anxious, stressed, worried, or discouraged with the many difficulties that life naturally brings? On top of that, aren’t these problems currently made worse by crises like Corona or the war? How can you cope with the challenges of everyday life with so many negative feelings? One answer is: through mental fitness.

What is meant by mental fitness? Just as physical fitness requires regular and continuous exercises, mental fitness requires the same! We build new habits by giving attention to 3 muscles of our brain that are in charge of our thought patterns. We develop new neurological pathways by intercepting the negative thoughts and shifting to a positive rewiring in the brain. This is done through a very simple workout, that anyone can do.

The Positive Intelligence Program helps you to train your mental fitness. It synthesises the latest research across neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive behavioural psychology, and performance science and is based on the result of studies having more than 500,000 participants.

Join Margrit and Sanjay in a free, 1-hour-introduction to a powerful Mental Fitness Training program through Positive Intelligence. Learn more about this innovative App-guided 6-week-program that has already helped thousands of people around the world to sustainably increase their performance level, quality of relationships, and overall happiness.