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Smart Data Forum, c/o Fraunhofer HHI, Eingang Otto-Dibelius-Str.

Salzufer 6

10587 Berlin


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SIBB FORUM DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION - the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Economy

(German & English Speakers: introduction and moderation in German, speeches up to the Speakers)

Our third event in 2018 about AI will focus on the impact of AI on different industries and services.

A cross-industry look at the diverse applications of AI & ML will give you inspirations for your business models and digital transformation

AI technology has developed over the recent past years at a very fast rate - from business to personal applications. AI is expected to keep growing and reaching more areas of business and of people’s lifestyles. Today, AI is applied in every area of human lifestyle. From the kitchen and security monitoring at home to doing office work such as support assistants, everyone is using it in one way or another. To appreciate the main applications of AI, we will have together a closer look at how it works, based on examples from differente economies.

We will focus on mature applications of AI in business and the most current technical challenges in different industries - in a special and AI dedicated place - Smart Data Forum at DFKI.



Einführung: SIBB

Begrüßung: Antje Nestler, Fraunhofer HHI / Smart Data Forum






Economical Aspects:

Keynote 1

Mobius Labs / Ausgründung von EyeEm

"How to build computer vision solutions for every industry"

Isabel Schwende - Computer Vision Engineer

Keynote 2


"Deep Learning in Medicine"

Piotr Giedziun, Co Founder and Data Scientist at Cancer Center

Keynote 3


Dr. André Schmiljun, InSystems Automation GmbH

Keynote 4

Brighter AI

“AI and Privacy, the best Frenemies?”

Marian Gläser, CEO


Technical Aspects:


"Why shouldn't you use AI in your business?"

- An overview of AI applications in various areas.

- 5 fundamental questions, an ML system may try to answer.

- Defining a problem, to make it solvable with AI.

Kacper Lukawski - Software Engineer

Networking with snacks & drinks

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Smart Data Forum, c/o Fraunhofer HHI, Eingang Otto-Dibelius-Str.

Salzufer 6

10587 Berlin


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