Female Founders Meetup Hamburg *INTERNATIONAL* (in English)


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Female Founders Meetup Hamburg *INTERNATIONAL* (in English)

Get to know other English-speaking female founders in Hamburg at the Businettes Club Hamburg Meetup! Exchange and network with others.

Von Businettes | Female Founders Hub

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Datum und Uhrzeit

Di., 11. Apr. 2023 18:00 - Mo., 11. Dez. 2023 21:30 CEST


Altes Mädchen Lagerstraße 28b 20357 Hamburg Germany


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An entrepreneur's every day life can sometimes be quite a roller coaster ride. With the right network by your side, the ride becomes lighter, more successful and can even be really fun!

Get to know other English speaking female entrepreneurs at the Businettes Founders Meetup Hamburg! #strongeetogether

You can expect an inspiring exchange with English speaking female founders from Hamburg, networking and space to discuss for your individual challenges.

  • The topic of the April Meetup: Personal branding as an Entrepreneur
  • The topic of the May Meetup: Legal issues in founding and contact sharing
  • The topic of the June Meetup: Online Tools & Business Automation
  • The July Meetup topic: How do I organize myself?
  • The topic of the August Meetup: Customer Approach - Marketing
  • The topic of the September Meetup: Financing + Tax Issues
  • The topic of the October Meetup: Team expansion - cooperation with freelancers/co-founders/first employees
  • The topic of the November Meetup: Startup-Life-Balance
  • The topic of the December Meetup: Prototyping

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  • Welcome and Intro
  • Monthly review - using the Businettes Worksheets
  • Intorduction (60 Sekunden / participant)
  • Topic of the month: processing and discussion
  • Free networking
  • Wrap-up

About Businettes

Businettes is an online incubator and the ideal place to start your own business. In addition to our startup program, in which you work on your business idea step by step with targeted exercises, we have an online community with over 700 women who regularly exchange ideas and support each other. In addition, we offer the Businettes Club, where you can exchange ideas with local women founders in your city.

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Businettes Club Hamburg INTERNATIONAL *in English*

Network away from the screen, locally with female founders in Hamburg - and all that in English! At the Businettes Club Hamburg, you can expect monthly get-togethers with other female founders, mastermind groups, an annual subscription to Emotion magazine and many other benefits.

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