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Exploring the ancient Silk Roads – Solo. By bike. As a woman. (travel talk)

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... All plans for traveling cancelled? Let me bring the Silk Roads into your living room (including my expedition bicycle Emily)! ... #StayAtHomeEdition #onlineTravelTalk

How does it feel when a wolf is sneaking around your tent? Do you trust complete strangers who invite you into their homes at night? And is it possible to cycle at an altitude of more than 5.000 meters (16.000 feet)? A year and a half on expedition, all over Asia and the Middle East. A woman, alone with her beloved bicycle, equipped with her tent, tools and a lot of trust. And even more time. Far off the beaten path, oftentimes a guest of unbelievably warm-hearted nomads, mountain farmers and truck drivers. Or again in the solitude of breathtakingly beautiful nature, be it in the mountains of Pakistan or the Mongolian steppe. Get inspired!


What is awaiting me?

A captivating travel talk about my expedition (1,5 hours) full of stunning photography, live just for you, followed by time for your questions. I will give the talk live online - thus, you can join virtually, from whereever you are. Interested in what other people say? You can find voices from the audience below.

At which time will we start?

We'll start at 12:00 (Berlin time) / 18:00 (Kuala Lumpur) / 19:00 (Seoul) / 20:00 (Sydney). The virtual room will be open a bit earlier, so you can make sure everything works smoothly on your side.

How can I join?

After you have purchased your ticket, you will receive the link to the event ahead of time. We will be using the software zoom, which you can use free of charge.

Who are you?

My name is Anne, I'm in my mid-thirties and based in Berlin, Germany. I expore the world in a slow, conscious way: traveling overland, solo, by bicycle. I turned my passion into my profession, sharing my experiences from the road as an author, photographer and public speaker (more on my website or my brand-new podcast on youtube). Here is a sneak preview of where we'll be traveling virtually in my talk:

I have trouble buying a ticket. Can you help?

Send me a message and I'll be happy to provide alternative ways for getting a ticket to you. Just be aware that I might not be able to respond anymore shortly before the talk itself. So better get your tickets (or contact me) ahead of time :-).

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Sure, no problem. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one, a ticket can also be a wonderful, inspiring present. Just send me a message with the name of the lucky one so I know whom I can greet at the event :-).

Can I get a refund for the ticket, if I cannot make it?

Of course, you will get a refund. Alternatively, consider making someone else happy by gifting your ticket to a friend :-). Just send me the name of the lucky one (see above).

What if I was not happy with the talk?

I am absolutely confident that you will be happy with it, based on the feedback of the hundreds of people who have already listened to me giving this talk. However, if you are not satisfied for some reason, get in touch with me within three days after the event and I will refund your money.

Oh no, I have no time on that evening! Will you give more talks?

Sure, here are the next dates:
June 07, 19:00 (Berlin time) in German
June 28, 19:00 (Berlin time) in English
July 05, 19:00 (Berlin time) in German
You can always find an overview of upcoming talks on my page at eventbrite or my facebook page.

Where can I learn more about your cycling expedition?

You can browse some stories and photos on my website / my blog. You can also find little reports from my expedition at my facebook page.

I am already looking forward to you and your questions!

Voices from the audience

"I thoroughly enjoyed Anne’s talk on her extraordinary journey along the ancient silk roads. She courageously set out into the unknown and the most valuable thing she took was a growth mindset. Now she is sharing thoughtful stories, candid moments and beautiful photos. Delivered to your living room. Whether you are a waylaid traveler, trying to find meaning in quarantine, a frontline worker, curious or just plain feeling lost there is something for you. Find solace in solitude, be inspired and gather courage for the road that lays ahead."

Kate (Canada)

“I really enjoyed Anne's talk and am so inspired by her adventure. The landscapes she shows are so beautiful and the images are stunning. She also adds a humanistic aspect to her travels by sharing wonderful stories about the interesting people she met. Especially during this time, where travel is forbidden, it is nice to be able to virtually travel with Anne. I look forward to learning more about Anne's experiences and seeing more talks!”

Ascia (Cannes, France)

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