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ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE (Pelvic Floor Integration Technique)

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Dive into your body, learn to let go and free your mind through dance!

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We are finally dancing in the studio!


- Before the class, you need to provide an antigen test valid up to 24 h before the event, or a proof of vaccination, or a proof of recovery from COVID-19.

- When you attend, you will need to provide contact details, in accordance with the regulations.

- Due to the new Corona regulations, you will need to come to class already dressed appropriately since the changing rooms are not available.

In case of symptoms, please do not come to class.


Essence of Bellydance is a new holistic approach, which combines the sensual art of Bellydance with pelvic floor integration and state of the art dance- and bodywork-techniques.

It awakens your sensuousness, strengthens your entire body, and increases your overall mobility, with a focus on the spine and pelvic area. The pelvic floor integration technique used in the class awakens your entire pelvic area and integrates your pelvic floor naturally in every movement.

In this class, we will be focusing on body awareness and movement with pleasure and enjoyment. Every movement should feel great and come naturally. We will learn to let go of prejudices, and accept and love ourselves the way we are!

The class level will vary according to the students. No age restriction.

Language: English/German

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Veranstalter Sofiya Marinova

Veranstalter von ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE (Pelvic Floor Integration Technique)

I am a dance teacher and exercise instructor, based in Berlin.

I focus on healthy dancing and lifestyle, and make sure to create a safe environment in my classes, where my students can grow and learn.

The most important thing for me is that my students feel comfortable to be themselves and confident in what they do!

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