Emotional Release through Dance

Emotional Release through Dance

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Find peace in your mind through the healing power of dance and movement.

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Dance is about expression. Expression of emotions, ideas, and concepts.

Whether positive or negative, emotions can find their way through our body in movement, to be released, and substituted with peace.

This class is a special 30-minute improvisation class that is not about technique or perfection, but about emotions, mindfulness, and freedom of movement. I will guide you through a dance meditation that will bring you peace, release some negative emotions, and bring in some positive emotions.


This class is happening only 5 times: Tuesdays, 8:30 - 9:00 CET (yes, right before you start working, a short and sweet 30-min session).

Dates are: 10.05 | 17.05 | 24.05

The event is donation-based and 50% from your donations will go to charity supporting refugees from war.

FREE for refugees!

(So, spread the word to everyone you might know! All refugees are welcome).

Note: Because of the trauma some people might experience from the recent events in Ukraine, I have teamed up with a psychologist, who does free consultation sessions for anyone affected by the Russio-Ukranian war, so whoever feels triggered from the dance class, can book a session with her. (contact will be provided if anyone requests after the class)

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