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Berliner Freiheit

Berliner Freiheit 2

10785 Berlin


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Half day conference and networking event for companies and corporates who want to explore the opportunities of Virtual Reality – as a technology, as a platform, as a medium.

Talks, presentations and moderated discussions.

PROGRAM - coming soon

13.00 Doors

13.30 Matt Collado – LittlStar

TALK Beyond the Obvious: The Next Generation of VR Storytelling
Flashy experiences from well known brands are highly attractive for new VR users, but what about the more experienced VR audience? Matthew Collado, of the global distribution platform Littlstar, will discuss the evolution of storytelling in VR. He will present case studies that go beyond the obvious to highlight content that engages veteran VR consumers. He will conclude by discussing the future of monetization for VR. Littlstar is a global distribution platform with over 3,000 cinematic VR Experiences from 150 professionals, studios, and networks. Littlstar distributes content to more than 14 different hardware platforms, and reaches over 70 million devices in 170 countries around the world.

13:50 tba
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KEYNOTE VR made in Canada
Right now we cannot say nothing more but that we’re going to host a keynote of the co-founderof a Canadian Cinemativ VR studio.

14:35 Ioulia Isserlis, Max Sacker – Anotherworld VR

PRESENTATION Immersive Horror from Berlin: Kobold
Kobold is a haunted house scenario from Berlin. A mix of well casted and played GDR family drama as a linear introduction, and a spooky interactive part that doesn’t rely on jump scares, but an atmosphere thick as November fog on the fields of Brandenburg.

14:50 Ditti Brook – La Siala Entertainment

PRESENTATION Schellen-Ursli: Turning a successful family movie into a profitable rollercoaster ride
After world-famous mountain girl Heidi, “Schellen-Ursli” tells an adventurous story of a boy who grows up in a Swiss mountain village. The novel is among the most popular children’s and youth books from Switzerland. La Siala Entertainment co-produced the movie of the same title (2015), and initiated the production of a VR theme park ride in the German Europapark (2017). Ditti Bürgin-Brook, owner of La Siala Entertainment, shows what it means to fully use the potential of a strong IP.

15:05 Karen Nemeth – realities.io

PRESENTATION Photorealistic Environments in Explorable Virtual Reality: The Production and Potential
Producing photorealistic films in virtual reality can prove a daunting task. Where should one start? The echoing answer over the past few years has been 360° video. But this is not true virtual reality; it limits the degrees of freedom available to the viewer. Photorealistic, volumetric environments that can be explored and interacted with are only possible using a technique called photogrammetry. Until recently this technique of using many 2D images to span up 3D environments has been limited to those with Hollywood budgets. Now Realities.io is bringing it within reach of high-profile independent content creators. What will the future of film look like when makers can tell interactive stories within their real-world locations?


16:00, tba

PANEL DISCUSSION IFA Industry Debate, hosted by Variety

17:00 Paul Bouchard – WIDE VR

PRESENTATION WIDE VR – From feature films to VR Sales
Paul Bouchard manages VR and 360 videos for the French indie film distributor WIDE. He will speak about how immersive media productions add another dimension of thought and skill to more unusual storytelling ideas, how they start to require more attention and capacities in companies like WIDE – and how especially film festivals work with this new medium.

17:15 Eddie Lou – Sandbox VR

PRESENTATION A short introduction of the Chinese Market
What does the Chinese VR landscape look like for creators and artists who wish to work with China market? Eddie Lou is not only co-founder and producer of Sandman Studios and exhibited his immersive story “Free Whale” at the Virtual Reality Section in Venice in 2017. He is also the founder of Sandbox VR, one of China’s biggest networks for VR content creators. His own VR festival will take place in Qingdao in summer 2018. Eddie will provide a brief summary on headsets advancement, distribution channels and VR cinemas, and about the VR storyteller community in China. Plus he has tips for people who wish to enter the Chinese VR market.

17:30 Oli Lane – VR Concept

PRESENTATION Have a pint with your immersion – How a British company introduced VR to pub crowds
VR Arcades are places where people try out new and high quality immersive experiences – especially those that require expensive hardware and/or too much space for the average living room. Oliver Lane, co-founder of VR Concept, added two ingredients to spice up the VR experience: beer and a tipsy crowd. Up to this moment, his company installed VR Arcades in four pubs in the UK, not just in shabby corners, but as main attractions, with big screens so everybody can watch, cheer and have a pint, or two. In his presentation he will show what kind of content works best, and how his team enhanced the hardware to guarantee fun and safety for customers with a challenged equilibrium.

17:45 Matt Collado – LittlStar, Anika Giese – Axel Springer SE, Sönke Kirchhof – INVR.SPACE, tba

PANEL DISCUSSION VR Nerds presents: The Virtual Reality Whistleblowers
We have some of the coolest and most experienced VR experts on the EFM VR NOW Summit. Not to gossip around with them would be a crime. Join us for a talk about the latest news and hottest trends in VR and 360 video. In an entertaining and informative roundtable format, curated and presented by the editorial team of VR Nerds, our experts discuss a selection of news bits. This will keep you updated and even more, add another layer of insights to what others can only read about.

Presented by Phillip Steinfatt, co-founder of VR Nerds



  • Directors, cinema managers, movie makers, producers
  • Developers with industry applications. Developers with technology-to-product approach.
  • Investors, producers, corporates and companies looking for VR experts.


  • EFM VR NOW tickets are available for 99,- EUR net until February 01, 2018.
  • Late Bear tickets are on sale up until the event starts.
  • Attendees of the VR NOW Con & Awards on November 15, 2017, in Potsdam get a 25% discount (the code is sent via Email to all attendees).
  • Member companies of the Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin-Brandenburg get a 50% discount (the code is available through the Newsletter).
  • Accredited EFM MARKET BADGE Holders: A limited number of seats will be reserved for Market Badge holders. Access on availability - first come first served. For Market Badge holders no pre-registration is needed.
  • Prices are net, excluding VAT


  • DATE: Berlin, February 18, 2018
  • TIME: 13:00 - 19:00
  • DOORS: 13:00
  • GOAL: 150 attendees with a business goal in VR

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The VR NOW Con brings new impulses to the medium and boosts international VR development and business communities. Let’s learn from and connect with each other to build the future of VR together. The time is NOW!


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Date and Time


Berliner Freiheit

Berliner Freiheit 2

10785 Berlin


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