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EDGE Neuroscience & Art Exhibition 2020 - part 1

Event description
A multimedia showcase of artworks about the brain, for everyone!

About this Event

EDGE is proud to present the 3rd annual exhibition of neuroscience & art in Berlin. Over 4 days we welcome the neuro-curious to this interdisciplinary showcase of the beauty of the brain.

We are delighted to be hosted for the first part of this exhibition by the MIND Foundation (mind-foundation.org).

Featured Artists: Shahryar Khorasani, Linnea Skoglosa, Diana Karlssone, PerSonar, Ashley Middleton, Roxana Ardeleanu and more to follow!

Like last year there will be two different locations, the first a science foundation and the second a former Mint turned cultural center.

Supported by: MIND Foundation, Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Einstein Center Neurosciences, International Graduate Program of Medical Neurosciences.

About EDGE Neuroscience & Art:

We are a community dedicated to blurring the border between art and neuroscience. We want to provide a platform for making and showcasing the creative, abstract, and interdisciplinary intricacies of neuroscience through art, to generate public outreach from academia, and to support neuro-sci artists.

We host workshops on creativity and neuroscience, consult and curate events, and of course host the annual exhibition featuring artists from around the world.

About the MIND Foundation:

The MIND Foundation is a non-profit science and education organization that promotes psychedelic research and therapy. Our work builds on the neurobiological and psychological potential of psychedelics to improve mental health and well-being in a clinical setting; for which the scientific base is firmly growing.

Poster Art by Yaron Maïm yayamaim.com

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