ECSTATIC SINGING CONCERT  CACAO & Double Concert TransForMusic&Babek Bodien

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ECSTATIC SINGING CONCERT CACAO & Double Concert TransForMusic&Babek Bodien

Singing circle, Live concert, Community Gathering

By Ayam

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Life Artists Creators Hub Milastraße 4 10437 Berlin Germany

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About this event

  • 5 hours
  • Mobile eTicket

Beloved family, we want to warmly welcome you to our monthly event


>>Monthly Event In Berlin<<

This Time we are hosting Cacao+Two Concerts+Ecstatic Dance Wave!

We will gather in a magical circle to connect from the heart, sing, pray and spend a beautiful time as a community, and celebrate LIFE!

We will nourish our bodies and spirits with delicious soul food - Music&Dance&Cacao, in a cosy and protected and magical space where we can dive deep into our inner journey, as well as a community gathering. We will open our hearts, connect to the present moment, and ENJOY the experience of opening our voices and singing together.

This event is part of a regular monthly-based Ecstatic singing concert series that aims to support the community in the amazing shift that we are going through.

Ayam is sharing her own beloved soul songs and will be guiding us through a vocal journey accompanied by a live band.

This time we have two special guests:

Babek Bodien - we are happy and honoured to host the wonderful Babek Bodien that will share his wonderful music with us, and guide us to sing and dance together.

Annete Assamy - We are excited to host Annet Assamy that will guide a special prayer and serve her wonderful cacao, and will also play an ecstatic dance wave!

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~ *~ FLOW ~*~

\\~ 18:00 - Arriving at the space (doors are closing at 19:00).

\\~19:00 - Opening circle prayer and Cacao

\\~20:00 - Ecstatic Singing concert with Ayam & Friends

\\~21:00 - Babek Bodien Live

\\~21:40 - Ecstatic Dance Wave With DJ Annette Assmy

\\~23: 00 - Closing circle

LOCATION: Life Artist creators hub, Master. 4, Berlin

Tickets: Please reserve a ticket by sending an email with a full name, and address to:

Normal: 35€

Early bird: ( Till 10.12) 28€

Support: 35-55€

Reduced: 22€ (Students, Jobless, please bring proof)

** If you wish for an early bird ticket, support, or reduced ticket you can book it here with pre-registration by sending an email:

Save your spot, Tickets are limited!

Looking forward to seeing you,


TransForMusic project ❤ ❤ ❤



The collaboration between ChrisTala (Germany) and Ayam (Israel) has evolved into a mission to use music as a tool to awaken and expand the human consciousness.

Her Israeli upbringing and his roots in Germany are blending their

diverse ethnic and emotional identities into a cosmopolitan co-creation,

evoking our ancient and modern sensibilities. The confronting flavour

and language of their music is allowing for a deeper exploration of the

human condition. Their melodic compositions are melting Ayam’s

quirky, emotive voice and ChrisTala's grooves. They merge ancient

instruments like shamanic drums and monochord, with Rock and Soul

elements, engaging their listeners on a primal and spiritual level. With

their fresh atmospheric blend of influences, hypnotic ethnic sounds,

dreamy non-standard harmonies, and vulnerable vocals they enchant a

growing audience around the world. With their 2021 debut album

In “Shards of Light” Ayam and ChrisTala draw a brutally honest portrait of

an inner world, as mysterious as mundane, where shadows and hope,

lucidity and insanity dance magically together.

''Our common vision is to create a movement of change that aims to connect and open human hearts and minds, while holding space for transformative processes.

We are in a time that carries the potential of awakening into self-love, caring for one another, and caring for the universe we live in, and we wish to create awareness of these topics through our music.''

Babek Bodien

Is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, based in Berlin.

He lives the music in his very own way and uses this universal language to touch and connect.

As a singer-songwriter, he usually accompanies himself with guitar and piano, also plays a variety of instruments from all over the world (including drums, flutes, and didgeridoo) and loves to travel on a colourful, flying carpet of sound, into space, into the heart -

at concerts as a soloist and with bands, as well as in various courses and in individual sessions.

Annette Assam

is a filmmaker, ceremonial facilitator and ecstatic dance DJ.

She is a mistress of ceremonies and she walks the path of a guardian of the earth (Pampamesayok) It is her heart's desire to bring soul-nurturing shamanic wisdom to the western world.

She learned from the Society of the Four Winds, by Dr Alberto Villoldo and is certified in Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine. Since November 2014 she is learning directly from the Peruvian shamans, called Paqos at the Serena Anchanchu School. She is initiated by them as Pampa Mesayok; Guardian of the earth.

She is also a recent Cacao Guardian through Cacao Mama and has completed a Cacao Facilitator Training with Lavalove Cacao with Izaias S. Mendoza. In addition, she is a Robert Moss certified Dream Teacher Trainer. She is an Ecstatic Dance DJ and learned from Umaya.

What people say...

my experience with TransForMusic - an epic journey through soundscapes that touched my soul and heart body and mind.

Your Music guided me through places I was longing for - rainforests, waterfalls, forgotten times when life was lush, and laughter. my higher self was ever-present and dreaming myself into the light. Joy was rising flowing with laughter and gratitude. Ayam's voice, so deeply connected to spirit, is like an angel, divine and pure. Chris added such beautiful instrumentals. Eye loved how visual their music felt to me.

TransForMusic is a beautiful space to experience and grow on many levels, I feel I have the freedom of choice where my soul wants to travel me.

- Nelle

An extraordinary evening with extraordinary artists. The audience helped create the entire evening with movement, singing, and a jointly created sphere of energy. We were included in the music and encouraged to sing together. It was a wonderful experience, and for some people, it was also a challenge. I love your album Shards of Light and have been listening to it on a loop. 💫 Thank you

- Yana Christa

From the moment we enter the room, Ayam and ChrisTala take us into another dimension. The sounds of their many instruments create a magic portal and their voices beckon us through. Ayam opens the ceremony with loving gestures and words. She encourages us to feel the moment, move our bodies and find our intention. After the energetic ritual, I feel alive and well. I settle in to listen to the wonderful songs from the Transformusic experience. Soon we are all singing along with Ayam as she lovingly encourages us... it is pure magic. The emotions are stirred up in us and there is laughter and also some tears... healing evokes many emotions. Finally, the circle is closed and quiet conversations with old and new friends are held in the lingering intimate atmosphere. I am very much looking forward to the next event.

- Adam